Well, as far as I know, men and being one of them, there is one thing that we care about even more than money, and that is women. They complete, compliment and satisfy us, and believe me a man would be quite content when he finds just the girl who knows how to please – even better if there is more than one. This is where Centerfold in Australia comes in with their array of professional strippers who are at the top of their game. You have a function lacking the needed dessert? They have the girls. Whatever category you are into, they have you covered. Check them out here

Below are Centerfold’s amazing Waitresses, from Topless to Nude to Lingerie. Thes professionals’ know just how to serve up and make your experience entirely memorable.

  • Topless Waitresses

The Topless Waitresses are uniquely talented at making you sit back with your jaw touching the floor. They would practically drown your poor soul in a lake of breasts and just before you resurface for dear breath, down you go again. They will make sure your event is a success, mouth-watering yet? Find out for yourself

  • Nude Waitresses

Shock value is what people don’t get these days. Whether you are in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, you can book for yourself these fantastic dancers and receive the best service across Australia. Sit back with your friends, drop ice cubes in your drink to cool you down a bit because things will just get hotter.

  • Lingerie and Bikini

Lingerie and Bikini hotties with amazing personalities, highly classy and ready to lighten up your day. Will these professionals serve your gentlemen drinks in Bikinis and Lingerie’s and is there any sight you would rather see?

  • The poker dealers

Centerfold boasts of its capabilities, sexy poker ladies who would make you sweat on the game for a different reason. How active are you and your buddies when it comes to super sexy, supple physiques mingling among you and watching you pick your cards? These hotties are sure to make you lose the game all the time.

  • Progressive

Centerfold’s hot, sexy dancers will commence the show with Lingerie, and you will get to watch as things unfold and the sweet little lingerie’s drop off with the promise of better things yet to come. Can you promise yourself to keep your eyeballs from dropping out of their sockets?

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