Purplehaze poppers

Purplehaze poppers

How poppers can boost your pleasure during sex

If you are entering into the world of anal sex or if you have trouble relaxing, poppers can help you boost your sexual pleasure. Poppers are erotic aromas, composed of alkyl nitrites.

The fear of feeling pain or the usual tension in the body can make you have a hard time trying to relax. And if you don’t relax, you can’t feel good during sex. So this liquid aroma will relax the muscles of the vagina and those around the anus. It can also give you a temporary sensation of being in a high (relaxation). Once you get more relaxed, you can enjoy all the pleasure of anal sex as well as other types of sex and new positions.

How do poppers work?

The popper is composed of alkyl nitrite, a substance that was initially used in medicine, to treat chest pain. So the popper causes relaxation and increase pleasure because the alkyl nitrite is able to:

  • expand your blood vessels
  • decrease your blood pressure
  • relax the muscles around the anus and the vagina

The effects are temporary, enough to give you the time to enjoy your intimate moments.

What are the possible effects of a popper?

When using a popper, these are some of the good things that can happen:

  • Increase your libido
  • Get your body relaxed
  • Experience a slight lightheadness to relax even more
  • Longer orgasm
  • Relax the vagina and anal muscles
  • Keep longer erection
  • Enhance pleasure during sex

How to safely use poppers?

The liquid of the popper has a very powerful effect, so you must never inhale it directly. The safe way to do it is to put the bottle on a table, open it and just let the aroma get around your room.

It will expand rapidly, so in just a few minutes you will start feeling the effects of increased pleasure and body relaxation.

Of course, you also use oils to make oral sex and the foreplay even better. Your relaxed muscles will feel more pleased with a soft stimulus such as tongue and kisses.

What are the best poppers in the UK market?

Poppers are sold for people with 18 years old or more, as room odorizers.

Some of the well-known brands are Hardcore poppers and Liquid Gold Poppers. They can really help you have a longer orgasm and make it easier to relax. Now if you want the best, you definitely have to try the Purplehaze poppers. The bottle has 10ml of Isopropyl nitrite. It can be used by both men and women, to increase the sexual pleasure and relax muscles during anal sex.

Besides that, the Purplehaze poppers fabricants are one of the most reliable in the UK market. The current reviews are that they have excellent customer service, they are fast to deliver and have good prices. So this is your chance to experience better sex, with much more pleasure.

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