Ideas for a Dress Code Themed Hen Party

The colourful hens night sashes are not enough anymore. You want fun, good time, perfect atmosphere.

Go through the dress codes trends’ list and choose yours.

The Elegant Party

A hens night is full of glamour, elegance, and VIP vibes. The dress code here is in the style of the Golden Age of the cinema.

The Tuxedo Takeover

Simple, yet impressing idea. Everybody dresses in a tuxedo. Black and white for the most impact.

The Chic, Pop Icon or a Superhero Party

Dressing like the modern cosmos girl in high heels and latest fashion clothes is always a lot of fun for all the ladies out there.

Have some jewels and purses for the extra chic and glamorous touch.

Pop and cultural idols as a dress code may be a cheap hens night option. Using t-shirts, jeans or tiaras, school uniforms, or 70’s crocheted dress.

If you love the superpowers, choose your favourite character and use the superhero powers to your advantages.

The Flower Power Party

The Woodstock era is still in. Find your mother’s favourite last century’s dress in boho style, make a flower crown and let the flower power rule the world.

The Old School Party

Your favourite classic figure brought to life. Whether Mata Hari, Cleopatra, the beautiful Helen of Troy, or the Goddess Athena, go for it and make the heads turn around.

If you prefer a film inspired theme, choose your favourite and ask your guests to dress accordingly.

Chic, sexy, mysterious, superhuman or boho, it is your decision, which theme idea will rule the hens night party.

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