How to track someone in 2019 for free

How to track someone in 2019 for free

Do you want to sleep peacefully and be assured that your loved ones are safe? Do you always get anxious and troubled when your wife has to travel alone because you care about her too much? Do you always want to keep an eye on him, just to make sure he is safe?

If you are any of these people then you might find this information quite useful. You can finally be assured that your loved ones are safe.

You can track people’s location

There are tracking apps that enable you to track someone’s location. Now you can track boyfriends cell phone, you can track your wife’s cell phone or you can track your kid’s cell phone. Now there are two types of apps in this category.

  1. Paid app – apps that require money to work
  2. Free app – apps that does not require money to work and are completely free to use

The free one sounds lucrative but everything that comes free comes with a price of its own.

Difference between free and paid apps

One of the biggest differences between free and paid apps is of safety. Paid apps are already taking money from you and are mostly recognizable brands whereas free apps might not provide the same level of service and could also contain virus or malware. This will put your data at high risk.

How to track someone for free

Now here comes the fun part. Most of the best paid apps have a trial period. You can use them for a limited time for free.So if someone close to you is going somewhere and you are quite stressed about it, just opt for a free trial period. You can track them easily throughout their expenditure. You can safely opt out of these trial periods as well.So there is no risk of losing money. You can use this method as many times as you like though going for a paid version is highly recommended.

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