How to Get Into the Mood for a Butt Plug?

How to Get Into the Mood for a Butt Plug?

It really doesn’t matter if you have tried a butt plug before or not, all that matters is that you turn yourself on and ensure that you are in the mood for it. It is when you are in the mood for a butt plug that you feel great about using it. After all, the area where the plug goes is not self-lubricating itself and thus, it is not as easy as it seems when you see things in porn videos. You have to prepare yourself and make sure you are comfortable with the thought of inserting the Jewel butt plug right where it has been made for!

To Buytailplugs, there are several e-stores on the internet. If you are comfortable with the idea of visiting a land based store that deals with sex toys, you can hop into one, too. However, there are only a handful of websites that talk about how to get into the mood of trying a butt plug right there.

Don’t be nervous and even if you are, don’t be scared to admit it. Even after using a butt plug twice, or even thrice, people still feel nervous about it. But if you do the following things, you are surely going to enjoy using a butt plug, even if it is just your first time:

  1. Relax and get a nice long bath: Bathing gets you in the right mood and that’s what it is all about.
  2. Explore your body: Touch yourself randomly so that you feel various sensations happening within you. You have to get rid of those butterflies in the belly!
  3. Stroke yourself in the right places: If you are using a butt plug alone, turn yourself on by stroking the most sensitive areas of your body.
  4. Use nice aromas around you to get into the right mood: Incense sticks, room fresheners, potpourri – suit yourself!
  5. Look at yourself in the mirror: This turns on most of the people around the globe.
  6. Have fun with your partner: You can always try a butt plug by having a bit of foreplay with your partner.

When you get more comfortable with your butt plug, it becomes your best friend. If things don’t seem okay at first, don’t be disappointed. New things always take some time and the things that take time are generally the things that please you the most!

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