How To Attract A Woman: The Strategies Every Man Should Know

How To Attract A Woman: The Strategies Every Man Should Know

When a man wants to attract a woman he may face some difficulties. And probably, the first one is that he does not know where to start since nobody has taught him how to attract a woman. This lack of knowledge causes some men to feel insecure and have little capacity to attract women.

This insecurity and lack of knowledge about how to attract women may make you think that you can only attract the heart of a woman by showing her you have the money or by being famous. However, experience shows that there are men who, without being rich or famous, find beautiful women who fall in love with them and become their partners, often for life.

How to attract a woman, what every man should know

It is essential that before you start to try and attract a woman that you notice what they consider attractive in a man. If you learn what women want, you will be more than half of the way to attracting a woman, even the woman of your dreams.

  1. What kind of men are attractive to women? Women do not like weak men, it is believed that they are more attracted to strong and capable men. That is why timid and insecure men will never call a woman’s attention.
  2. Women also do not like men who do not have good social skills. This means that if a woman is with a man who has not developed the skills to function adequately in different social situations, she will not be comfortable and will therefore quickly abandon him.
  3. If you do not take care of your body language surely a woman will not notice you. Take care that the gestures you make do not show too much need, insecurity or nervousness. Make sure you monitor and control it to first of all outwardly demonstrate confidence and have confidence in yourself.
  4. There is nothing that discourages a woman more than a man careless with his personal appearance. Keep in mind that you must take care of yourself, dress well and with style. Women pay a lot of attention to details and they will notice everything from your shoes to your haircut, so you must be very careful with what you wear and how you dress.
  5. You must also be careful not to show too much interest. Showing an excessive interest will make her you lose curiosity for you and she will believe that she no longer needs to make you feel that you have won. Women love the game of seduction and they are as interested in seduction as you are you must have the patience to play the game. This game consists of a constant tug-of-war when the woman thinks she has you, you show her that this is not the case and start over.
  6. It is believed that women find attractive looking men very attractive. One of the most effective ways to attract a woman is by being fun, witty and creative; They love men that can make them laugh and entertain them.

By applying the above tactics you will have a 90% chance of winning the woman you like. Cheer up, take care of your appearance, be safe and make her laugh!

And moving on to another level, there are also techniques that work on a deeper level in a woman’s brain, these techniques can work seconds after you start a conversation with her, bypass the safety system of her brain and make her feel so attracted to you that she will want to go to bed with you on the first date!

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