Give Her Fascinating Orgasms During Sex

Many women have experienced that there are men who hurt them or do not give them an orgasm during sexual intercourse. These experiences are very frustrating for both members of the couple, especially for women.

These women would be very satisfied through sexual intercourse if their partners knew the sexual technique presented in this article and applied it. This sexual technique is very important for a woman to be completely happy.

The most important thing for a woman to have an orgasm is to be in a good mood.

She may not want to have sex at this time, but you insist or maybe she doesn’t want to disappoint you. However, if any of these is the reason she has sex with you, it is very likely that orgasm does not exist.

Therefore it is very important for you to learn techniques to excite a woman and prepare her for sex.

Once you have successfully given an orgasm, you will be more relaxed and more willing to have sex later. And it will excite her more quickly and without tension while having sex with the same partner next time.

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If for any reason or tension not properly provoked and well lubricated, use carrageenan. Lubrication that is very useful for moisturizing the vagina enough for easy and pleasant penetration.

Now is the time to apply the sex technique is important to give your woman a foot flexion orgasm.

A great sexual technique: permanent shell

Have the woman stand in front of you with her face towards you.

She feels in her lap face to face as she is going to penetrate. Tell him you feel carefully without any sudden pull. Then tell him to hug you with his hands and legs. His hands are around his neck. Your legs will be around your waist. Get up while you lift it. Then take the equipment to the wall and hold it with your back against the wall. Now is the time to start pushing.

Dare to give him several consecutive fascinating orgasms.

Important note: When using this sexual technique, the woman will have a vaginal or G-spot orgasm, not a clitoris.

You can give an orgasm in the clitoris using the missionary sex technique first to maximize the sensitivity of your vagina and ensure the greatest pleasure.

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