Bridesmaid dress inspiration to help you plan

Bridesmaid dress inspiration to help you plan

Organising your wedding day is one of the most exciting things you’ll do in your lifetime. Gathering information for the big day is the fun part, and there is lots of inspiration out there.

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Everyone knows that bridesmaids are there to support you and make you feel at ease on the day. The dresses you choose for them also help enhance your wedding gown and make your entourage happy.

Choosing the right bridesmaid dresses can be a challenge, but this list of inspiration should help you get planning.

It helps to look at some beautiful dresses and compile a favourite list with input from your bridesmaids. Choose a good website with plenty of variety, such as If you let your bridesmaids be part of the process, they’re more likely to be happy with your dress choice.


A soft blush number with a fitted appearance can complement the bride’s gown perfectly!

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Contrasting Boho Prints

Bright colours in varied tones give your bridal party a relaxed and festive feel that is perfect for a garden party shindig.

Luxurious Lilac

Pretty pastels work perfectly with white florals, and you can accessorise with bohemian, fresh flower crowns.


Perhaps each bridesmaid could choose their own outfit to let their style complement yours.

Red Carpet Gowns

Consider gowns that could make you and your girls look fit for the Hollywood red carpet. The bridal world is taking inspiration from the fashion industry more than ever, according to Vogue.

Lacey Numbers

Delicate lace wedding gowns look stunning when paired with lace bridesmaid dresses. Choose a pattern to complement yours.

Daring black

It’s not a colour usually associated with weddings, but a gorgeous, dark, off-shoulder garment would be the ultimate contrast to your white dress.

Floral trousers

The key to pulling this style off is to pair it with plain tops in a simple block colour. Your bridesmaids can also wear them in the future!

Indian Allure

A glamorous display of patterns in silk can give your bridal party a magical quality.

Simple and Sweet

Charming halter-neck numbers are classic and simple, leaving room for you to shine.

Inky Florals

Creating a sharp contrast against your gown, long, floral dresses are beautiful yet understated. Equally suited to any wedding season, dark florals are a pretty choice.

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