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Love can strike anytime, but do you know the rules of dating? Welcome to an exclusive portal that promises to take a contemporary take on relationships, love, weddings, divorces, breakups and much more. We are a team of expert writers and enthusiasts who care to help people with their love life. With a deep understanding of relationships, we have the best tips and advice to offer for every reader.

We started off a bunch of sheer writers who had very essential understanding of human emotions. 100 Date is intended to offer unbiased relationship advice, with a clear understanding of the essence of love in the modern life. Think you want to marry a guy? Want to know how to get a guy invested in you? There are many more things that we cover in this exclusive website. With every new post, we take a fresh take on many aspects that otherwise people often ignore early before or in their relationships!

As always, 100 Date likes to read the mind of the readers, and we are more than open to take feedback from you! Write back to us, and we will surely try to cover your concerns in our upcoming posts!