7 Fantastic Tips To Find A Cute Flower Girl Dress

7 Fantastic Tips To Find A Cute Flower Girl Dress



A bride is definitely the centre of attraction in a wedding. But one more member of the bridal party draws as much or even more attention – the flower girl!

While you may be busy in choosing your own dress and looking for an affordable bridesmaid dresses Perth at Bridesmaids Only, don’t forget that choosing a cute dress for your flower girl is an important task so as to make her feel special on your big day.

1. Choose a Perfect Style and Colour First

You have a great freedom while choosing your flower girl’s dress since there is no rule that dictate any style, fabric, colour or fit for the little lady’s dress. However, most brides choose to get a dress that fits their wedding aesthetic.

A popular option is an ivory or white frock that is almost a small version of the bride’s wedding gown. Another option is to choose the same colour for the flower girl’s dress as that of your bridesmaids which shows her connection to the bridal party.

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If you can’t think of the look of your flower girl’s dress, consider asking for her thoughts.

2. Take the Season into Consideration

As a flower girl is a young girl, you should consider season while choosing her dress so that she would feel comfortable throughout the big day.

If you are getting married in hot summer days, stick to short sleeves and open-toed shoes, whereas for a winter wedding don’t forget adding sweaters or tights to her ensemble. This will save her from feeling too hot or cold all through the day.

3. Remember that She’ll Soon Grow

Again remember that your flower girl is a small child and she is in her growing age. So, don’t bother much about a perfect fit. Your flower girl need not wear an oversized or unfashionable dress, but form-fitting dresses often restrict movements for a small child.

You need not make alterations to the dress; do that for yours and your bridesmaids’ dresses. Your flower girl will look adorable even without any fitting done.

However, if you are ordering the dress around a year in advance, it’s also important to remember that your flower girl will grow quickly till your wedding. So, consider buying one size up.

4. Fabric is Important

While it’s understandable that your flower girl’s dress should go with the wedding aesthetic, avoid fabrics that are too stiff, itchy or heavy. As the girl is likely to move around throughout the day wearing the dress, pick up something that won’t have rips or wrinkles, e.g. satin which is comfortable and durable too.

Organza and chiffon too are safe options for layering, while tulle can be an excellent accent fabric. Avoid silk because though it’s very comfortable, it tends to tear easily and costs a big buck.

5. Choose the Correct Length

As a norm, flower girls’ dresses are either tea-length (a few inches under the knee) or floor-length. Tea-length is perfect for a very young child since the dress won’t drag on the floor and avoid the tripping risk.

Floor-length dresses look more elegant and formal and are more suitable to older girls.

6. Choose the Correct Neckline Length

You should also choose the correct length of neckline. Dresses with higher necklines prevent wardrobe malfunctions, particularly with younger kids.

7. Remember the Cost Factor

Aside from buying dresses at bridal shops, department stores and online retailers, brides can choose for an amazing collection for flower girl dresses Australia from Bridesmaids Only. While online retailers you can choose a dress especially made for flower girls, there is an affordable route too of choosing a party dress.

Before finalising a dress, discuss the price factor with the parents of the flower girl as they are likely to pay for the dress. So, try to avoid an overly expensive dress. Or still better, let them choose the dress on their own.

Use the above points to make your flower girl look like a little angel in the prefect dress you choose for her.

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