What you need to know before dating Costa Rican Women

What you need to know before dating Costa Rican Women

If you are going to Costa Rica with an intention of dating, it is important that you understand certain principle and tips. Do not expect that women in this country will portray the same traits like the westerners. Your chances of success are based on your knowledge in handling the Costa Rican Woman. Before approaching any woman in this region, consider the following guidelines.

Clarity of your desire

When you finally find a chance of wooing a Costa Rican woman, it is prudent to ensure that she understands your desire properly. Without giving her a clear insight of what you want, you might never obtain what you wanted. Many women in this region are professional prostitutes and semi professionals and it is impossible to distinguish them. Hence, approach these women with clear demands.

Learn Spanish

Spanish is the national language of the Costa Ricans. This makes it important to take time and learn some Spanish before engaging in dating. Speaking Spanish will cause the women to be attracted to you. Speaking their language shows that you love their country and culture too. Thus, knowing their language will make it easier for you to get their attention and love.

Yes and no

Another strange fact about the women in this region is their inability to say no. Be prepared psychologically because whenever the women say Yes, they might mean No. According to the culture in this region, a Costa Rican woman is not supposed to say no to the request of a man. Once you are aware of this fact, you will not be easily frustrated when you encounter Women following such traditions.


If you are a person that is very keen on punctuality, you have no choice but to cut some slack for the Costa Ricans. In Costa Rica, getting late is like part of their culture. When you have set a date between you and your chosen woman, do not expect that she will come early. In most cases, they will appear on such appointments thirty minutes late or even more.

Flirting is common

The Costa Rican Women love to flirt. Sometimes this nature gives the foreigners the wrong signals regarding the intention of these women. It is crucial to keep in mind that when these women are flirting with you that is not a sign they are interested in you. Basing your hopes in their flirtatious acts will culminate in disappointment.

Not all women are easy

Most of the cities in Costa Rica have very many prostitutes. However, that does not mean that every woman you meet is lose. Some of the Women in Costa Rica are highly principled. Hence, do not be assured that you will be capable of getting any woman that you want in this region. Hence, consider your approach when trying to meet any woman.  

Avoid showing off your western status

It is quite unfortunate that most westerners tend to use their nationality to access the attention of women in other countries. That might work in other places but not in Costa Rica. These women have seen and met with many westerners and they care less about your nationality. Thus, do not show off.


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