What should you know about a Thai ladyboy escort?

What should you know about a Thai ladyboy escort?

Many people find it strange that someone can actually have a thing for a Thai ladyboy escort. After all, who would want his woman to have a penis as well right? Well, you are mistaken if you think that there is no one who can like such an idea. In most cases, a lot of bisexual men have been seen to develop traits which make them like ladyboys and even fantasise about them.

As such, they are quite a rarity when it comes to getting their services for you. After all, there are not many ladyboys out there, to begin with. And to think how many of them offer themselves to escort services? Yeah, it is pretty rare to find. As such, in places, you may even find yourself spending a fortune so do keep yourself in check.

Not For Everyone

This is something that has already been established if you have read any of the things mentioned above. A Thai ladyboy escort is not something that is there for everyone’s pleasure. Most people do not even have a thing for such people. But for those who do, it is an instant turn on and something which they want to experience every day.

Also mentioned before is the fact that most men who care for such services are usually bisexual in nature. As such, the idea of ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’ from the same person is something which arouses them greatly. That is why these escorts are in such high demand. If you too fall under the category of such a person, you can understand this.

Services Provided

You do not have to worry about the services that are provided by such escorts. It is pretty much in line with everything a standard escort would provide you with. These include things like:

  • Normal sex services
  • Girlfriend experiences
  • Ladyboy massage therapy
  • Group orgies
  • Role playing, bondage and other fetishes

And if course, because it is a Thai ladyboy escort, you can expect to get something more as well. That is of course based on your own preferences and desires. So keep yourself ready and prepared.


As you can see, the services of a Thai ladyboy escort are something which is sought after by a lot of people. As such, if you also want to experience it for yourself, you have the option of doing so. Just make sure you have some cash with you because they tend to charge a lot more than standard escorts. So keep that in mind.

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