What is the Difference Between an Agency Escort and an Independent Escort?

Men look to the company of escorts for a number of different reasons, but when they do, they often wonder where to turn for the right services.

There are two distinct types of escorts as you search for the right one to meet your needs, and understanding the difference between them is crucial to ensuring you have a good fit.

Agency Escorts

Agency escorts are those who work for a company that offers escort services.

To book an appointment, you typically work directly through the agency, and they handle all of the payment details as well.

You may be asked to submit to a security screening to ensure the safety of their escorts, but in return, you can be certain you’re getting an experienced escort who knows exactly what you’re looking for during the course of the evening.

One of the best features of working with an agency escort is the fact that you never have to worry about the agency not finding you a companion for the evening.

Escort agencies typically have many different escorts with whom they work, and that’s a huge benefit. Even if it’s short notice, you can usually find one of their escorts for the night. Moreover, you have a selection to choose from.

Hoping to find someone who likes the opera and would be willing to accompany you? Just ask. Prefer brunettes? Inquire who might be available to meet your needs.

The idea of booking escort services is to find someone who will keep that loneliness at bay, even if it’s just for a night, so you certainly have the right, and the ability, to be picky when you work with an agency. With an independent escort, that’s not always the case.

Independent Escorts

An independent escort is essentially a small business owner. She works for herself.

Typically she’s the only escort available, and she does all of her own advertising, handles the day to day running of her business, and works with her clients.

Independent escorts can sometimes be more expensive than agency escorts, and they typically form long term relationships with their clients.

While that can be a great advantage, it can also prove to be a serious disadvantage because if you want to book the same escort a few nights after the first night you’ve spent with her, it’s possible that she will be booked.

The other real problem with independent escorts is that they may not always offer you the safety and security you want. You’re not talking about a carefully screened professional. Instead, you’re selecting an escort who wanted to run her own business without an agency.

Choosing an independent escort is sometimes an invitation for problems for men, and without the knowledge that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for and some form of security that your payment will be safely accepted, you could be more concerned about the evening than you should be.

If you do decide to go with an independent escort, maybe contact someone who has been recommended to you personally.

Both types of escorts have advantages and disadvantages, but it’s possible that agency escorts have a slight edge.

No matter what type of escort you choose, though, it’s best to book your escort in advance.

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