What do Girls Think about Adult Phone Chat?

What do Girls Think about Adult Phone Chat?



Adult phone chat is something which can inspire mixed reactions – a lot of people think it is incredibly sexy, while others think that it’s just degrading.  This is helped along by the online world now making it easier to connect to various people, through Skype, Facetime, and other chat clients. Social media gave us citizen journalism….now chat clients appear to be giving us citizen sex work.

Is it Cheating?

Some people seem to think adult phone lines are cheating, but whether or not this is true is up for debate.  It might depend on your relationship dynamic – does it count if it is just talking? Of course, phone chats gone right are a bit more than simply talking 😉 but the point does still stand.

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Phone chats are possibly a distraction from an actual relationship, and if they take the place of one entirely then obviously that is a problem, but done right, phone chats can be used to spice up relationships. The advantages of the internet mean that phone sex does not always have to have a ‘professional’ involved – you and your partner can engage in phone chat between yourselves, just for fun!

What are the Points for Adult Phone Chats?

While there are more and more people getting into adult chat, with the result that expectations and reactions to the industry are changing, there are still some basic ideas that everybody should keep in mind.

  • Be polite – these people are (usually) being paid to talk dirty with you on the phone. This does not give you the right to harass or insult them
  • Shop around – there are so many different companies and individuals offering phone chat services these days that it is easy to find someone who suits you as an individual. Different services might offer approaches, such as BDSM or role-playing. Have a look at various sites and profiles, and choose the one that gets your motor running!
  • Enjoy yourself – have fun with the phone chat. The person on the end of the line is there to make sure you have a good time, so take full advantage of that

Why do Women do It?

Women participate in phone chat (on both sides of the phone line) for many reasons, probably as many reasons as men have for participating (also on both sides of the phone line).

  • Some are purely mercenary – they can get more money for less work than they would need to do in other jobs
  • Some do it because it is convenient – maybe they have other jobs or are in some form of education – phone chat lines are more flexible in their hours, making it perfect for them
  • It is more private than sexting
  • Some do it because they love hearing a man get off!

What women think of phone chat varies from woman to woman. Some of them like, some don’t. Some participate, some don’t.  There is no central argument, and there doesn’t need to be – we like what we like, and that is fine!

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