Top 3 Tips To Clear Your Schedule For Your Partner

Top 3 Tips To Clear Your Schedule For Your Partner

Finding the time for everything you want to fit in a single day is tough, and the trick lies in making it the time. Regardless of whether you’re still dating or face a situation different from the people around you, such as HIV dating, or you’ve been married for years, and everyday life is just merciless, there are still little tricks you can apply to your routine to ensure you and your partner spend enough quality time together to keep the relationship flourishing.

Below we go over some of those things and suggest how you could make good communication seem as effortless as possible.

#1: Get Up 30 Minutes Earlier

If you’re a morning person and can bear to be more productive at the break of dawn or at least half an hour before you usually get up, set your alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier and get up to do some of the things on your to-do list before your husband/kids wake up.

You can take a shower, make breakfast, reply to a few emails or just have your morning coffee in silence. Get a head start on your day, and create some time for your partner when he wakes up or during your entire morning before you leave for work.

You’ll feel less stressed out, and he’ll appreciate your effort, ensuring the energy that flows through the house in the morning is more positive than when you’re just in each other’s way.

#2: Your Laundry and Dishes Can Wait

Doing housework may calm you down, allow you to enjoy your space, and even serve as physical activity, but it should not come before your partner.

There are so many things we need to do in a single day that it’s extremely easy to lose track of what matters most, and a sink full of dirty dishes certainly isn’t it. Saturday may be laundry day or generally the day you like to do housework, but if the weather is nice, there is a good movie on or your partner needs particular attention, just forget it and devote him your undivided attention without looking at your phone, watch or email.

Whether or not you have quality time depends only on you two putting in the work, and long-term relationships are absolutely plenty of work, but when there is a will, there is always a way.

#3: Include Him In Your Activities

Going out to dinner, going to birthday parties or doing whatever constitutes a date for your two is certainly not the only activity you could participate in together. Including your partner in as many activities that you like ensures you have plenty to talk about all the time and spend lots of time doing the things that put a smile on your face.

For instance, going grocery shopping may be your thing on Sunday morning, but you could make a date out of it by going to a few fancy stores you don’t usually frequent. Instead of going to a spinning class on Wednesday, go ride a bike with your beau once all of your work is finished for the day. If you can handle a 10-pm ride through the downtown core, you’ll have yourself a date mid-week that you’ll talk about for days.

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