Three Tips to Keep Romance Alive When You Date a Cougar

Three Tips to Keep Romance Alive When You Date a Cougar

Do you know who is older between Adam and Eve? Nope! All one knows is when passion struck them, they fell in love and united forever. Does that mean that when two people fall in love age is no bar? Will there be love and romance when the older girls fall in a relationship with a guy much younger to them? Of course! There can be and to be precise, when a woman decides to strike chord with a guy younger to her, what she expects in return is not financial security, not monitory showers but only pure and unconditional love. Here are three tips for eager cubs to kindle romance in their sex-driven relationship and give it a beautiful name:

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Secure your cougar

As far as cubs looking for cougars are concerned, they see a non-committal relationship where they are seeing a woman who are emotionally strong, independent and have no hesitation in demanding what they need from their partner. Though men’s brain thinks only of sex all the time, they do need to understand that for a woman to grow old and see her beauty disintegrating is a hard fact to digest which can take them on an emotional roller coaster ride no matter how strong willed and powerful they are. Hence a cub should show how much he loves his time with cougar and also by planning some small yet compelling surprises which would give her a nice feeling of togetherness.

Energize her womanhood

Most of the cougars are passionate love makers. Older woman look for a younger partner just because their sex drive is high and men who are of her age or older to her do not have the power and energy to satisfy them on bed and she takes absolutely no qualms in accepting the fact that she is more demanding. Hence, to pep up romance, a cub should know what his partner wants from him and act accordingly. While some may ask for a continuous display of affection, some may love to hear praises about their physical appearance and some may just ask for a wild night. So, cubs just need know to make his girl feel young at heart.

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Let her take the control

Men who look at cougar dating sites for an older girl to play around need to understand that a cougar is happy as long as they have the Baton in their hand. She may even consider her partner as her sex toy irrespective of showing much love and affection. Hence, cubs who want pure pleasure and more romance from their cougar partner, need to know to let go of their so called attitude and play a tamed  cub which will not just give them a memorable night but also earn them a good friend with whom they can talk their heart out.

Next time, when a cub looks for an attractive cougar, all he needs is to do is to follow these tips!

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