Monday 21 August 2017
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Three Perfect Ways to Transform Your Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

The ways in which couples can put an original or unique spin on wedding reception staples are limited by imagination, budget and desire alone. As such, planning, creating and affecting the perfect and perfectly unique big day can seem overwhelming. To alleviate some of the stress, here’s just three inspiring ways to transform a wedding reception from ordinary to extraordinary.


There are functional elements and realties all wedding receptions require – namely, a venue, bar and facilities. Often, couples will spend weeks if not months or even in some cases years finding that perfect venue. For couples for whom originality and uniqueness are important though, often the perfect venue space can prove a challenging one and will not be found by means of any amount of traipsing the internet or local hotels, breweries, pubs and event venues.

Instead, couples fall in love with fields, barns, fairytale marquees in obscure locations, forests and places altogether magical and often untouched by modern trappings, and with it often lacking in modern facilities such as onsite or permanent washrooms. Then, creativity is required to turn that perfect and unique venue into a realistic and viable wedding reception reality. And that is where the likes of companies such as Event Washrooms come in.

Event Washrooms provide luxury and bespoke hireable washroom facilities to suit indoor, undercover, outdoor and otherwise un-catered for venues and event spaces with equally impressive, luxury washroom facilities to provide people with a means of turning events such as wedding reception fairytales into realities. To learn more about how they achieve this or get designing your own fairytale facilities to fit into your fairytale reception, visit Event Washrooms, suppliers of the finest luxury toilets.

Wedding Reception


Fashion is often understood to encompass and describe the vogues of weddings thrown by the wealthy. Hence, fashion dreams up images of designer dresses, trendy cocktails and ‘this year’s flower must haves’. Wedding fashion needn’t be a matter of planning a big day according to what magazines, celebrities and trends dictate make the perfect big day though. A recent trend hitting wedding receptions, for example, is light up lettering such as that provided by Light It Up UK.

Light It Up UK provided a varied stock of light up lettering, numbers and motifs such as hearts with which just about any combination, words, welcomes, sentiments and what-not can be create. The fact it has become so popular is a product of it being such a clever and creative idea and not because it is simply some kitsch 2015 wedding ‘must have’.

Whilst light up lettering is currently featuring in a lot of wedding photography and fashion snaps in which it is created to use albeit stunning centre pieces, a more creative and original alternative use for light up lettering is to consider having words such as ‘cheers’ and ‘thanks’ and ‘welcome’ arranged to greet guests to a reception and direct them, once there, to different areas of a reception such as the bar or wedding book table.


Every wedding, no matter how original, inventive or unique will almost certainly include the likes of a cake, flowers and centerpieces. The fact is, no matter how individual a couple might be, these items are the magical touches with which we express and celebrate our individuality; hence, whilst smaller in size, they are by no means less important or require less thought.

Then, one way then to create aesthetically amazing centrepieces is to get creative with traditional flowers by turning them into stunning centre pieces with the help of The Wedding of My Dreams Company. As the name implies, The Wedding of My Dreams Company make it their job to create, dream up and actualise all manner of magical, wistful, wonderful and brilliantly functional items to help you decorate a venues and create your dream centrepieces. From retro mailbox wedding card boxes to tree trunk centrepiece plates, there is really no way to sum up just what The Wedding of My Dreams Company do, except to say: just as every couple’s dream wedding is unique in the most magical way, so too are the items created by The Wedding of My Dreams Company.

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