The Rise of Silicone Sex Dolls

The Rise of Silicone Sex Dolls

With long wavy, glossy hair, perfect skin and the right makeup, silicone sex dolls are becoming the perfect companions fast. From a short distance away, silicone love dolls are being mistaken for being a real human being.

Coming in life-sized figures silicone sex dolls are proving to be the other companions for men that are filling the space left by lost loved ones due to death or divorce.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, silicone love dolls are now sculptured to be correct anatomically.

From the head-to-the-toe, their physiques replicate that of real people. Moreover, their physiques are customised, and buyers can request for the skin tone, bust size and eye colour they prefer on their doll.

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Many men and some women are buying sex dolls in droves because today the dolls’ personalities can be tailored.

Why Buy A Silicone Love Doll?

Silicone sex dolls provide out of this world alternative sexual pleasure. Thankfully, online shopping has made it easier to buy a sex doll from anywhere in the world. People buy sex dolls due to two main reasons sexual pleasure and companionship.

Given the popularity of these dolls, manufacturers now allow customers to do the following:

Customize with Ease: As long as you have an ideal budget, it’s easy to customize a silicone sex doll.

There are several options to select from; the most popular customizable options include; choosing the eye colour, skin tone, hair, and the size of the doll.

More expensive silicone love dolls can have their labia, breast size and pubic hair customized.

Realistic Look and Feel: Silicone love dolls are loved by many due to their realistic look. The dolls are designed to look and feel like real women thus making it easier for buyers to enjoy great sexual experiences.

Robust and Flexible Material: Silicone sex dolls are made from silicone material which not only feels like human skin but is sturdy. The material is waterproof, last long and flexible mimicking a real vagina when it comes to accommodating different penis sizes.

The Alternative Companion

Silicone sex dolls are not just for freaks. Many people that are seeking companionship and don’t want to be entangled in other people’s drama are buying silicone love dolls. The dolls can be customized to the users wants and needs allowing the buyer to enjoy the doll.

Their realistic looks, their toughness, and flexibility are some of the attributes that many buyers are interested in when buying these dolls. Finally, since they don’t talk back or refuse any sexual advances, they make the best companions for most buyers!

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