The first love

The first love

We all remember our first love, that person which made us feel butterflies in the stomach and made us know what love is all about. Finding your first love is not about age or about some specific details. Usually we consider out first love that first boy that we go out with, or the one that kisses you for the first time. You can go out with lots of people until you find the one that you get to have feelings for. It’s said that you never forget your first love. But why is that? Maybe because is something that happens when you are very young, very pure and when you don’t see things like you would if you were an adult. When you are an adolescent, dates are all about long talks, walks into the park, lots of games for having fun, so probably this is why we always remember when we first got in love. Years and years ago I remember that the used to go out a lot. We always were groups of kids and we used to go everywhere together. Sometimes we just stood outside our houses and drink some juice and that was all we needed to have a great time. Also, this is how we usually got to find someone and start dating. Now, in general, is all about the internet. We spend so much time by navigating online that we get to know people from the social media and find dates through dating sites. This way we jump over the first few steps from the beginning like those looks that you two gave each other when you first met and you are one into the other, or those first acts in an attempt to conquer the other. Maybe these are some of the reasons that make us remember our first love. These small gestures are very different from the techniques that guys have these days. First love also matters a lot in our future relationships. It is our first attempt in matters of love. It is a beautiful period in which we will accommodate to the concept of relationship, we will get to experience pure feelings of joy and also a beautiful relationship without any worries. We will get to know different feelings such as happiness, sometimes sadness, but it will be only the beginning and no matter what we will experience that will come in handy in future relationships.

Lost in a world of their own

No matter how we get to know our first love, even that is through a friend, by going out or from social media, a relationship takes place from the desire of women seeking men and vice versa. Even that we talk about our first love, our second one or any other relationship that we had at one moment in our life we will always remember each one of them. Maybe the first one is more special, but each relationship has happy moments, sad ones, but is ours and we can’t erase it no matter how it ended.

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