The Duties of the Maid of Honor

The Duties of the Maid of Honor

So your best friend, that one gal pal you can always rely on, is getting married and she’s made you the maid of honor. You’re prepared to buy a dress and plan the bachelorette party. But your duties on the wedding day run deeper than just showing up and standing by her side. Being a maid of honor means being the first line of defense in making sure he bride has a stress-free day. When the ceremony goes off without a hiccup, you’ll know you’ve done your job well. Here are some of the things a great maid of honor can do for a bride-to-be:


Be the Gatekeeper

If the flowers are wilting, the photographer is MIA, or the groom is vomiting out his pre-wedding jitters, the bride should never have to know. It’s your job to run interference to keep all of these concerns from popping her bubble of bliss. If a situation arises that you can’t immediately handle, feel free to delegate, but make sure everyone knows that the bride is not to be bothered. As far as she’s concerned, everything is going fine.

Feed the Bride

Now, we’re not saying that you should peel grapes and put them in the bride’s mouth. But wedding preparation takes a long time, and often the bridal party doesn’t think about snacks until it’s almost go-time and the bride’s having a hypoglycemic fit. Make sure to keep your bride topped off throughout the day with snacks that will keep her full without a sugar crash. Think trail mix, granola bars, and fresh fruit.

Be On Drunk Patrol

At the reception, it’s great for the bride to unwind and relax with a few drinks. But odds are she doesn’t want to end the evening throwing up all over that gorgeous dress. Since the bride’s drinks tend to be free and unlimited, it’s easy to go over-the-top. That’s where you come in. Make sure she has a glass of water in between champagne flutes or cocktails and encourage her to pace herself. That also goes for bridesmaids and wedding guests–encourage people who are overindulging to dial it back. Of course, is someone gets belligerent or out of control, you don’t have to take them on all by yourself–but it’s your job to find someone to act as a bouncer.

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Coordinator In-Chief

Whether it’s encouraging the wedding guests to get onto the dance floor or making sure the line keeps moving at the buffet table, the maid of honor has to make sure everything is staying coordinated. Sure, you’ll probably have somebody designated to do that job, but little things like handing out wedding sparklers before the grand exit will need extra attention and care. As maid of honor, you need to be on top of everything.

Keeper of the Things

A great maid of honor is equal parts bottomless purse and MacGyver. Whether it’s a snagged stocking or a popped button, you’ll have the goods and the knowhow to make it right. We recommend putting together a little Maid of Honor kit. That way you’ll be prepared for almost anything.

We know the bride will be thrilled just to have you standing by her side during the ceremony. But if you follow these tips you can help make her day even better. You’ll justify the trust she placed in you, do honor to your position, and during the reception you can bask in the glow of a job well done.

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