The Best Sensual Massage Techniques

The Best Sensual Massage Techniques

Women want to please their men, but some have no idea how. The truth is, you don’t have to go to great lengths to make your guy feel extra special. You can just treat him to a Montreal massage or spa and he’ll be grateful for your thoughtfulness. But here’s an even better idea – why don’t you give him a full body massage? And not just any massage – try a sensual massage that will guarantee to awaken his senses.

Sensual massages at home allow you and your partner to freely appreciate each other while you enjoy being in the comfort of your own home. Feel at ease with every sensation, every touch. Whether you use sensual massages as part of foreplay or simply to make him feel good, you can’t go wrong with it. Here are some techniques you can try:

Getting Started

You can incorporate some ancient Hindu teachings of Tantra when doing a sensual massage and you can touch every part of your partner’s body so he can feel the energy flow throughout.


Use a calm voice to guide him or you can set the mood by playing some new age music in the background. You can also light some candles or incense, and dim the lights to set the mood. Keep the room temperature just right because a very cold room isn’t going to help your partner relax.

Be sure to have a massage oil or silicone lube that you can rub on his skin and yours. Warming oils are great for added sensation and will allow you to massage your partner all over.

Massaging the Entire Body

Most people think that a sensual massage is just about stimulating a person’s erogenous zones but that’s not all there is to it. In fact, you shouldn’t start with these areas in the beginning. A slow massage will build up excitement.

Start with a scalp massage. Run your fingers through your partner’s hair and pull gently at the roots. Then move down his shoulders and neck towards his back and sides of the neck. Use your thumb to stimulate his shoulder blades. Work on this area for about 10 minutes.

Move down to his arms and take each one gently and massage it. Then knead the back of his hand using your knuckles and stretch each finger on both hands.

Tell him to lie down on his stomach so you can massage his thighs and backside. Run your hands up and down his legs before moving your hands higher. Don’t be afraid to test the limits and see how far you can go.

Then once you’re done, tell your partner to roll over on his back. Continue to massage his legs and chest with long strokes. Work your way down with slow and gentle strokes. Use your palms and add lots of oil.

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