Sugar Daddy App For Android Review

Sugar Daddy App For Android Review

Sugar daddy dating has become a popular concept, and its unique features have made it popular among several people. Here, you will come across the best sugar daddy dating app review. The function of the apps is to help you find others, whom you crossed path with. This is different from the traditional concept of dating apps. This is meant for singles who want to meet people whom they saw again. You can view the profiles of these people on the sugar daddy dating app online.

Have a look at the features of the app.


In Happn, the integration of hyper-location works out well, which makes it possible to locate the people in real time. You will enjoy the quality dating platform, as it comes with a wide range of sophisticated features. These include:

Secrecy of location

The sugar daddy dating app enables the users to find the rough location where you came across the person. However, the exact location of the person is not revealed.

No fake accounts

As a committed app for dating, Happn does not support fake accounts. You will come across completely genuine profiles on the app.


Authenticity of information is one of the most notable features on this app. It verifies the data in the profile of the users. The users need to be above 18 years of age in order to open an account on the app.

Choosing easy

The users can choose if they wish to cross path with a certain member. Likewise, you may not want to meet the member again. In these cases, you need to click the cross. You can download the Sugar daddy app for Android and customize the features.


The sugar daddy dating app online allows users to block others, in case they do not want to keep contact with the person.


In case you have come across someone and want to initiate a conversation, the messaging feature will help you to get started.

Cross counts

Whenever you cross a particular person, their profile will be visible in your timeline. You will be able to check the number of times you crossed paths with the person. The details of the place and time will also show up.

Customer service  

Happn sugar daddy dating app comes up with a dedicated customer service. The users are happy with the app, according to the feedbacks of the users. This is a highly satisfying app for dating and the users can get across to the customer service desk through Facebook.

Active members

The active members in Happn are mostly single and want to meet people whom they came across. At times, you may want to meet a person whom you met somewhere again. Happn is one of the best sugar daddy dating app and fulfils the desires to meet the person again.

The app has got a strict privacy policy and the members get a pack of 10 credits for free while registering. The premium service of Happn is £ 1.49 for 10 credits and £ 23.49 for 300 coins.

Well, sugar daddy dating app online comes up with several innovative features and you will love using the app.

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