Would you dare to be more adventurous?  Does anal sex intrigues you or makes you curious?  Will you like to try it out and just can’t wrap your head on how to go about it without injuring yourself with the true intention of enjoying yourself?  Well, have you tried using an anal bead? Please don’t tell me you haven’t cos you are actually missing on some experience.

The anal bead is an adult toy that consists of beads (usually spherical in shape or balls) attached together with an handle for pulling. Anal beads are a welcomed toy to have when you want to experience how having anal feels like.   This adult toy are made from different materials which are mostly silicone, plastic, rubber, latex or glass and comes in different sizes for you to make your pick.

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Steps on how to use an anal bead.

  1. Check For Faults:After removing the anal bead from its pack, the first thing to do is to check for faults, irregularities or deformities such as tears, seams or holes depending on the type of material used. Should you discover any faults, it is highly recommended that you return the product back to the store where you bought it from and ask for a replacement.
  2. Apply A Mild Wash: Washing your anal bead reduces the chances of getting skin irritations. Using a mild soap with warm water will do the job perfectly then patting it dry with a clean and dry cloth or towel.
  3. Get A Lubricant and Use It: Unlike the vagina that secrets its own fluid (lubrication) to make it easy for penis reception, the anal does not provide any sort of lubrication and as a result, lubricant is required and highly recommended. Water based lubricants are the premium choice used though you can use any type of lubricants you feel okay with. Apply a generous amount to the lube.

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  4. Go Solo First: Why it is not compulsory or mandatory for you to have a go with the bead alone at the first time, it is advisable you do it alone for the first time as it makes you less conscious and allows you to focus on your main objective which is to see what works and what doesn’t – enjoying yourself. Going solo keeps you relaxed and reduces the chances of you getting distracted or even hurting yourself.
  5. Turn Your Arousal Knob Up: being sexually aroused keeps you relaxed which can make penetration very easy compared to when you are rigid and tensed up which can make penetration is difficult and painful.
  6. Poco – a- Poco:You are in no race with anyone to start first, so take your time about it. Once you feel your body relaxed and getting used to the idea of being penetrated anally, insert the beads slowly one at a time remembering to apply a lot of lube as you go. Once you get all of them in you, you can wait a little bit for you to get used to the feeling of being penetrated anally before you start pulling them out back. The tempo you used in pulling them out rest upon you; you can go fast or slow depending on the sensations you are feeling at the moment.

Wash & Keep: Once you are through with the anal bead, it should be washed and kept in a dust free environment till when needed again.

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