Should you trust dating sites?

Should you trust dating sites?


            I wondered the same thing many years ago when I started using the online dating system. I was younger back then and I was afraid of the repercussions that talking online with someone could have. It like every new thing that you try and you know that it exists the possibility that something could go wrong.

            I will tell you a story of mine so that you know that now I do trust dating sites and you should, too. I joined a dating site, I create my profile and I started to see what it is all about. What it surprised me was that the things really worked so fast. I mean, I did my profile now and in couple of minutes I had already a lot of friend requests.  I started talking with different people, many interesting ones. What was really nice was that you had even a dating guide from where you could take some ideas about how a date could be or what you can do or say.  Interesting, indeed.

            One day I started to chat online with a boy from Denmark. I don’t have such a good memory, but I won’t forget him ever, that’s for sure. He was the guy that made me believe that is not an aberration to get fond of someone only by talking to him every day and seeing him over the webcam. He was so beautiful. He was a very tall man with blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes that I had ever seen. And I don’t exaggerate. He was all that. We kept on speaking for weeks and month every single day and we finally realized that we really want to be together. So, he asked me to go over there. Of course that I was excited and at that moment I would jump into a plane and I would go there without thinking for a second, but reality took her place. You see so many things on the TV. So many girls that go after someone that they knew online and all kind of thing happen. You can never be sure that the one you are speaking is exactly who he says he is. Yeah, he looks like in the photos, he speaks alike, but what about his behavior when you will be just you two or what about the character? These are things, real issues that you have to think it through seriously. And, like I said, online dating was something new that time. So, after many and many talks I decided to not go. And that eventually he will come to see me even if that would be practically impossible. We kept on talking, but a hole created already when I start on having doubts. We didn’t believe that I was having real feeling for him, so in time, easily it just ended. And I regret it, because after a year or so I checked his profile and he had photos with a girl, in Denmark, a girl that was living in a city right next to mine. She had the guts so she did. And now I know for sure that they are married and have children.


            I can’t speak in general, but I really believe when I say that online dating sites really work. There are great people that are waiting for their match and this sites are helping a lot. So if you find someone that you thing that deserve a small sacrifice you go ahead and gave him a chance. Maybe that one will turn out to be your soulmate.

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