Monday 21 August 2017
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Short Term Vs Long Term Sex Partners

Sex is one of those things that can occur for a number of reasons – being drunk, love or simply just the right place at the right time for example. Also much like anything in life it tends to split opinions when it comes to the philosophies people might have on the subject. This is where the debate of short term and long term sex partners comes into play. While many prefer it, others cannot stand the idea of it. Just what are the benefits to both though and what exactly might be some of the cons?

Likely seen by a majority of people as the more objectionable, venturing into the realm of short term sex partners does in fact have a number of pros that a long term situation can often struggle to offer. Perhaps the most obvious reason a number of people try this lifestyle is that you can in affect sleep with anyone you want. One night you could be out with someone and then that following weekend another. Thanks to the internet there are now more ways than ever to find a local fuck. While being in a long term relationship obvious sees you and your partner being monogamous short term sex partners offer you a freedom to do as you please without feelings and attachment getting in the way.

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Then again that attachment and sense of being cared for is exactly the reason people tend to prefer long term sex partners. While yes a long term relationship eliminates any chance of starting a series of short-length sex partners, you can be a lot more intimate with this individual than any number of one night random flings. Being with someone you care for deeply on a sexual level offers an entirely different kind of experience and it’s down to the fact you know this person and they know you. This can also lead to much better sex than that with a stranger as you know each other’s likes and dislikes. You’re also both willing to experiment more as you feel comfortable with each other.

On the other hand, short term sex partners do offer a form of excitement that can be tough to achieve with a long term partner. The idea of meeting a stranger and taking them into the bedroom where anything goes is a thrill hard to rival. Also meeting new people on a regular basis will often open your eyes to new and exciting things sexually. Every sexual experience you encounter is likely to be a very different one offering unique ideas you might otherwise not have imagined.

Bottom line is it all comes down to preference. While many might argue that a long term commitment offers a far deeper relationship where someone cares for you more than anything, others might counter by saying it restricts you’re freedom somewhat not just sexually but also in general. Then again when it comes to short term sex partners, you’ll have one camp who praises the freedom and carefree nature it offers while the other will cite its shallow, unfulfilling sense it provides.

Whatever side it is you fall on you’re bound to enjoy yourself granted you choose the path more suited to you.

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