Online chat – safety first

Online chat – safety first

Talking to people online can be a mixed bag, especially when we don’t know them so well. Sure we can type on our keyboards and even have skype chats, but the truth is that we should be careful what we say and do, as we never quite know what can result from it. When it comes to online chat, safety is always a good thing to take into account, so let’s take a look at the things you should or shouldn’t be doing; especially when talking to strangers online.

Online chat

Normal chat

When you are just talking to a friend, it is important to measure your words. Using Facebook for example, and you could well end up writing something which someone takes offense to, even if they are not originally part of that conversation. Essentially it is the difference between written words and spoken words. When you’re having a face-to-face conversation with someone then only the people who are in the room can interact with that conversation. When you are talking on someone’s Facebook wall then anyone with access can see and comment at a later time. So basically, printed words are there to stay, so make sure you don’t write anything that you will later regret.

Naughty chat

Now this area is a little different. It’s generally okay to have a naughty skype call with your boyfriend or girlfriend since you trust them; but talking dirty to someone you’ve just met through Facebook is just not a good idea. There are so many stories of people getting blackmailed because they exposed themselves; you really want to avoid that situation. If you’re going to do some naughty chat, you might as well use adult dating sites like the sex chat site where you know that it’s all about sex. But to be perfectly honest, you should only use those sort of sites if you are single. There is not much room for blackmail if you are still single, it’s not like they can threaten to tell your girlfriend.

Not giving out details

The thing about doing a video chat call is that you can accidentally give away some of your more private details without realising it. You might have some paperwork lying around, or even family pictures in the background. Anyone seeing those details could use the information to commit identity fraud. You might even have a window behind you that looks easy to open, which would give clues to potential burglars. Basically the concept is very simple: think before you do anything. If you’re about to have a video chat then just make sure all the mess is cleared from your desk, and make sure there is nothing in the background other than a wall. It sounds a bit extreme but it is also the best way to not give out any important information that criminals could use against you. Remember we live in the age of information, and it only takes a few of your details to be able to impersonate you online. Don’t give anyone the ammo they need to scam you, instead be consistent at using a series of procedures to ensure you’re safe; it will quickly come as second nature and it won’t feel like hassle as you get used to doing it.

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