Monday 21 August 2017
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My Dominant Asian Escort


With practically no time to pursue a girlfriend, I became a regular customer of I had GFE encounters with escorts of nearly all nationalities, including Brazilian, Eastern European, English and many others. This time, I would like to know how it feels like to date an Asian woman, so I made a booking for a middle aged babe, with emphasis that she be a bit dominating. She was Lorelei.

It was a cloudy afternoon.  I met her at the lobby of the hotel where I stay, rode up the elevator and into my room. While I was freshening up, I thought about her.  She seemed different; her charm worked like magic on me.  I’ve never met a lady like her before. When I had finished my shower and stepped out to enter the bedroom, I heard her say, “Give me a little privacy” and she locked the door.

After some time, I was asked to come in and instantly I felt a hard on.  Gee, she looked stunning in red lingerie! She noticed my bulging cock and laughed beautifully. I tried to embrace her, but she slapped me and pushed me to the bed.  Then she got rid of her night gown and jumped over me. She sucked my dick devilishly and I even felt her teeth and that made me jump and she would smile at me, loving the look of worry on my face.


The she rode on me, like a cowgirl. I helped her insert my dick into her pussy and moved my hips up and down.  This time, she was beginning to soften up. She did love me, sometimes passionately, sometimes rudely.  Lorelei did not allow me to touch her breasts, even if they were dangling over my face while she was fucking me.

Now I remember my request that my companion should be a bit dominant. Suddenly I loved to be treated like a slave by this beautiful and hot woman. By now, she allowed me to touch her, to lick every curve of her body, especially her breasts and her nipples. I sucked hard on her nipples and I heard her groan out loud, due to intense pleasure.  I also touched her clitoris with my fingers and felt her wetness. Her pumping became faster and harder, as if she was not getting tired.  Then she said, “fuck me, dog style” and I did what she ordered.

That was the time when I came heavily and my sperm was received by her behind. I kissed her fully on the lips and exhaustedly fell on the bed. As she was preparing to leave, she bent down to me and kissed me also, before saying goodbye. She was really different and made my afternoon very memorable. Of all the London escorts that I have dated, I consider her the best of the best. I am planning to book her services again.  I’m glad that I was assigned this job, where I can go to and fro from London and back again to my home-country, feeling fresh and relaxed.

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