Make your wedding memories eternal

Make your wedding memories eternal

When you are old and your kids have already formed families of their own, your partner and you have finally settled in into your pension plans and can have all the time in the world for yourselves, you’ll often think of the days when you were young and restless, with a gorgeous future ahead of you.  You’ll also go back to the days when you were dating, when everything was thrilling and exciting, you’ll often mention your proposal and the wedding day… and it will certainly bring a smile to your face.

Unfortunately, not all memories stick, and sometimes even those situations we thought we’d never forget – we do. This is why it’s great to have all of your celebrations videotaped and photographed, so you are not limited to the accuracy of your memory, but rather excited about the footage you’ve got in front of you.

From birthdays and weddings, to baby showers and your kids’ birthdays, it’s always wonderful to have everything on record so you can play it from time to time and reminisce about things that make your heart jump.

Since you are getting married soon, we suggest you include a few crucial details into your wedding ceremony so you make sure your wedding’s not only spectacular, but also a memory you’ll be able to relive at any point you like.2

Here’s how:

Trust your gut

Don’t listen to your mother, your mother-in-law, your bridesmaids or whoever’s offering advice; stick to your gut when it comes to picking the venue, your wedding theme and decorations. If you don’t want to go all-white, you really don’t have to – as long as you are opting for what’s putting a smile on your face, you are good to go. Before deciding on the theme, consult with a wedding planner and present him with your idea. It’s highly likely he/she will already have a solution in mind, and a way to turn your dream into a reality.

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Videotape everything

From organizing the wedding to the wedding itself, relying on photos and videos for making your memories last is the best thing. When you think about it, wedding videography is like a memory safe with a combination called “love”. Laugh or roll your eyes as much as you want to, but it’s true! When you are missing your partner, or you want to go back to this glorious day with a cup of coffee in your hand and those fresh, tasty chocolate chip muffins, you’ll want to enjoy your high-quality wedding video and go back to that day effortlessly. Hire a professional or talk to one of your best friends who’s got a neck for film making to shoot a video of your wedding preparation and follow up with the wedding ceremony. It can be his/her wedding gift to you and it will definitely be more personal and beautiful as this person already knows your jam.

Also! It would be great to have a photo booth at the wedding and take silly photos with all of your friends. The photographs will be free of charge (which is great for the guests) and it will definitely be something the guests aren’t accustomed to seeing at every wedding.

Pick good food

Sure, nobody is coming to your wedding to eat; however – all that dancing and mingling around may tire a person. You were probably thinking of investing in a rich wedding cake as you should, but don’t forget to brainstorm through menus your guests would enjoy. From buffets, to caterers, to finger-food and home-cooked recipes, you can pick something unusual, delightful and in line with your wedding theme.


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