Make Your Wedding Memorable

Make Your Wedding Memorable

Wedding invitations are part creative and part practical. On the creative side, many couples want to design and personalise invitations to match their colour scheme, wedding décor, and the atmosphere they hope to create on the big day. On the practical side, invitations are a reminder of the date, time, and place where the wedding will take place. Luckily, making memorable wedding invitations serves both of these functions and also makes your wedding memorable for guests.


Whether you want classic, contemporary, or something completely original, Inspired Design wedding invitations are printed on high quality paper and are carefully packaged for delivery. A personalised invitation is sure to delight and impress your family and friends. Using quality paper, robust ink, and a professional printer will make a huge difference in making the vision for your invitations a reality. Your friends and family will be much more likely to hang onto an invitation that is thoughtful and carefully created.

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Reflect the Tone of Your Wedding

Wedding invitations should reflect the tone of your wedding. Some couples send save the dates in advance, but for many folks, the invitation is the first aspect of your wedding that they will see. Often times, guests will look to the invitation as a representation of the formality expected at the wedding. The script, colours, and design of the invitation should indicate what to wear and what to expect.


Therefore, if it is a black tie event, many people choose embossed or engraved invitations with minimal design, denoting elegance as a result. Alternatively, a casual outdoor wedding might have floral designs on soft or natural paper to indicate the relaxed setting and low-key location. The wording and organisation of the invitations will also indicate the decorum of the event. When the style of speech and phrasing on the invitations is formal and delicate, guests will expect the same of your celebration.

Give All the Information

As you spend significant time making sure that your invitations are just right in terms of style and design, also be sure to include all of the necessary information. You will definitely want to identify the hosts of the wedding, which are often the bride’s parents. Though many couples pay for the ceremony and reception themselves, so they will want to be indicated as the hosts in such a scenario.

Of course, it is important to make the date, time, and location easy to find. Often times, couples will repeat this information on the RSVP to avoid any misunderstandings. Driving directions are also a huge help for out of town guests who aren’t familiar with the area.

Show Your Personality

Wedding invitations should also convey the personality of the bride and the groom. Often times, the uniqueness of a relationship and lasting love can become lost in the hectic wedding planning. At times, the event itself can feel bigger than the actual relationship you built. However, designing your invitations to reflect your combined interests, character, and romance reminds your friends and family that the entire process is really a celebration of your unique relationship. As well, for those guests who don’t know you as a couple, it is the perfect opportunity to show them your interests and personality as one solid unit.

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