Looking for Undying Love and In-depth Understanding – Ashu has it all

Looking for Undying Love and In-depth Understanding – Ashu has it all

Asutosh KatyalEvery girl longs for a friend or a partner who encompasses the warmth of love, humour and an adventurous spirit. It would not be easy to locate all the aforementioned traits in a single person. Do not fret, as there has been one eligible bachelor in the Champaign, IL region who encompasses what every woman desires. Ashu Katyal has been a popular name with single women looking for quality time in and around the Champaign region. If looks could kill, the ever-smiling face and charisma of Asutosh Katyal would enchant you.

Ashu has been no stranger to the gym. His muscular and toned physique has been evidence of Ashu being a regular member of the gym. He has been taking care of his physical appearance in the best possible manner. Apart from going to gym regularly, Asutosh has been known to keep clean dietary and personal habits. Ashu abstains smoking and keeps away from drugs. However, a social drinker he might be, Ashu knows his limits. He is a straight man, standing 5’9″ tall, speaks English and Indian by origin. Ashu completed his computer science major and theatre minor from the reputed University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. Working as a serial entrepreneur, Ashu is a social enthusiast. He likes adventure sports such as deep sea diving. He likes going to cultural events, has an affinity to build new things with new ideas.

Being a Libran, Ashu is popular among his friends for his witty nature. He has a sense of humour that would make you hold your stomach while rolling and laughing on the floor. What else would a woman ask for in her man? If you have been searching for a man to make you laugh, understand your dreams and shower the warmth of his love, Asutosh Katyal is the man of your dreams.

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