Items to Enhance Your Send-Off Line

Items to Enhance Your Send-Off Line

At the end of the wedding reception, it has become a popular tradition for the newlywed couple to exit via a send-off line. All of your guests line up to cheer you on as you make your way to your limo or hotel room (depending on where your wedding reception happens to be), and it is a memorable way to finish off the night. You’ve probably seen a variation of this in movies where the couple leaves the little chapel and everyone is throwing birdseed or rice into the air in celebration. However, there are many better items to enhance your send-off line experience, and we’ve put together a list to help you decide which will work best for your wedding.

Biodegradable Confetti

Many people would immediately think of confetti when considering a send-off line, but most venues won’t allow it because of the ridiculous mess it creates. Fortunately, there is a great alternative that most venues allow, and that’s biodegradable confetti. Biodegradable confetti offers all the benefits of regular confetti except that it will vanish the very first time it rains. Additionally, it won’t attract unwanted birds like birdseed will or hurt their internal organs like rice, so there’s more than one victory in using it.


Bubbles are a classic wedding novelty that everyone loves, and it makes for a fantastic enhancement for your send-off line. The only drawback is that it will only work well if it is light outside, so you should only consider it for daytime weddings. There is no cleanup and you can make your own bubble juice with some dish soap and water to save money.

Wedding Sparklers

Sparklers have been getting more popular for every type of celebration, but they have really been trending for weddings recently. Using wedding sparklers for your send-off line is probably the most popular way that they’re being used, and there are plenty of shops popping up that sell sparklers specifically made for weddings. Just make sure that you buy the 36” wedding sparklers so your guests can get them really high in the air. The last thing you want when walking through your send-off line is a sparkler to accidentally burn a hole in your wedding dress or tuxedo!

Glow Sticks

If you’re having your send-off line at night or in a really dark room, you can make things really interesting with glow sticks. Glow sticks have been very popular at all sorts of celebrations for a really long time, and if you put them on a string your guests can twirl them around for your send-off line. Just make sure you tie really strong knots so they don’t fly of the string and whack you in your face! A black eye isn’t what you want in your final wedding pictures of the night.

No matter what items you choose to give your guests for your send-off line, having something fun for them to use will make it a much more memorable experience for everyone involved. Using items to enhance your send-off line will also make sour wedding pictures much more exciting, and you can enjoy looking back at the moment in your scrapbook for many years to come.

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