Inexpensive Wedding Favors

Inexpensive Wedding Favors

Wedding favors don’t have to be an expensive part of your planning. It is easy to make inexpensive wedding favors at home. You have many choices when it comes to creating favors that your guests will love and that won’t eat away at your budget.

One inexpensive idea, if you have the means, is to create a personalized music CD for each guest. Having a wide range of mp3s makes it easy for you to create a CD of songs that have special meaning to you and your partner. You can purchase blank CDs from many electronics stores or buy them in bulk online. Using your printer you can even create CD covers and labels to add to the aesthetic value of this particular wedding favor.

If you enjoy baking and have the time to do so, guests with a sweet tooth will appreciate a small favor box or basket filled with homemade cookies. Using a particular recipe or flavor associated with your wedding will make the favors even more meaningful. For example, if your wedding cake is a carrot cake, your cookies can be carrot cake flavored as well. If you are having a red velvet cake for a winter wedding, red velvet cookies would make a fitting favor. While you can purchase favor boxes for the cookies, cheaper options for packaging the cookies include wrapping each bundle of cookies in colored saran wrap. During the holiday season it is easy to get saran wrap in festive colors. To tie this favor in with aspects of your wedding it is best to use saran wrap in the color you chose for your decorating scheme.

Wedding Favors

Since your wedding guests are there to share your special day with you giving them a reminder of the day is a great way to offer favors without having to spend a ton of extra money. You can do this by printing out your engagement photo or photos and giving a copy to each guest. At the bottom of the picture, write the website address where your guests can go to view all of the pictures from your wedding day. Since you are already ordering pictures anyway you avoid the extra expense of a more traditional wedding favor.

For an outdoor summer time wedding, a fun yet inexpensive idea for favors are sparklers for your wedding reception. These are packaged differently than the sparklers that people often purchase to celebrate the fourth of July. You can choose to purchase 10”, 20” inch or 36” inch sparklers, depending on your budget and personal preferences. Adding an extra special touch to your big day can be done by purchasing heart shaped wedding sparklers, a favor your guests are sure to never forget.

While wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming to your wedding there is no reason why you have to spend a lot of money. Sometimes the most inexpensive favors mean the most to each one of your invited wedding guests.

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