Ideas for a Men’s Night Out in Sydney

Ideas for a Men’s Night Out in Sydney

Looking for things to do on a Friday night with your buddies (or just yourself)? Then Sydney is definitely the city to be. Sydney is home to a thriving nightlife, where entertainment can range from high-end superior to cheap and sleazy. If you are looking for a great night out with the guys, here are several ideas:3

Hit a Nightclub

You can spend the night away drinking, dancing and throwing around your lamest pickup lines in one of the many nightclubs in Sydney. There are just too many to choose from. You can search online for anyone with a theme you like. However, be careful of how you dress and behave. Sydney nightclubs have a reputation for turning away men if for the slightest issue. Do dress properly in shirts and pants. Do not arrive inebriated or you will be turned away. Arrive like guys who are willing to spend a lot of money inside and you will have no trouble getting past the hired muscle.

Call an Escort

Don’t want to go out with the guys? You can stay in or rent a room or an apartment and call private escorts in Sydney. It’s perfectly legal in the city so you will not be the victim of some sting operation.Keep in mind to do your online research before calling up a service. It’s smart to spend some money on a high-end service run by professionals. Before you make an online booking, you should definitely call and clarify preferences. The online marketing slogans can be misleading. Choose a service that comes with good recommendations to be on the safe side.

Devour Meat

When in Sydney, you possibly cannot leave without trying the famous meat in the city. There are plenty of places to enjoy perfectly grilled steaks, 12-hour pulled pork, or smoked American-style chicken. Places like Porteno, an actual restaurant, and Vic’s Meat Market, an eatery operating out of a butcher’s shop, come highly recommended. The quality of ingredients used is better in Australia than what you usually find elsewhere. You can actually taste the difference.

Spend the Night Getting Massaged

Workweeks can be long and tiring. So, perhaps the best thing the guys need is a good long massage. Sydney has as many massage parlours as all of Southeast Asia combined. They are mostly of better quality than you find in Bali or Bangkok. However, there are cheap and sleazy ones that are not as hygienic as the price definitely indicates. Good services usually charge $50 or up for a 30-minute erotic massage for one. Prices are similar for therapeutic massages. Some parlours do offer double or group sessions. Call in advance and make your booking after clarifying everything as usual.

Go to a Strip Club

If you and the boys are strapped for cash, strip clubs offer affordable entertainment. You can drink all you want and watch the dancers. You only need to pay a small fee for a lap dance or a table dance. It’s a good and rather inexpensive way to spend the night hanging out with the guys and create relationship .

Golf In The City

This bar plus club has a top-notch golf simulator with over 80 courses. It’s quite amazing and the place offers optional coaching as well. If you want to spend the night out with the guys away from boisterous crowds, this is a great place to be. The club also has a bar serving quality cocktails and hard liquor.

Try one of the above and you and your boys will be able to enjoy quite a memorable night.

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