How Your Relationship Can Benefit From Adult Toys

How Your Relationship Can Benefit From Adult Toys

Most people believe that sex toys are fine (even great), but that they belong in lonely bedrooms and that they should be put away in a drawer once you’re in a happy relationship. This couldn’t be more wrong. Sex can be used by anyone and they can greatly benefit your relationship. If you’re honest with each other and experiment at a pace that’s working for both of you – sex toys can really spice up your love life. That’s why couple oriented sex toys are all the rage of the industry lately.

They help break up the routine

Being in a loving and committed relationship is great, but as time goes by, couples tend to get in a rut. Trying out new sex toys is a great way to break up the monotony and to feel like you still have a lot to learn about your partner. More adventures and fun sex life also mean just more sex, so it can be a way to get you out of that dry spell.Image result for How Your Relationship Can Benefit From Adult Toys

Sex toys inspire confidence

Never mind how adult you are, you never stop exploring your sexuality. Trip to the adult store can help you (re)discover your needs. Finding your confidence in the bedroom easily translates to all other aspects of your relationship and life in general. Knowing what you want and being confident enough to ask for it will get you a long way and make your relationship more open and honest.

They create the right mood

If you ask married women, what’s the biggest problem of they love life the answer is usually – not enough foreplay. Sex toys can help with this, because they require you both to dedicate some time to your partner’s pleasure. It’s also the way to make sure sex isn’t about the toys and their novelty. Toys are just here to help.


About 75 % of women can’t achieve orgasm during penetrative sex. Naturally this can cause frustration for both partners and can put a great strain on your relationship. If you use sex toysyour chances of reaching an orgasm increase dramatically. Also it will only take you a few minutes.

Speaking of minutes, there are also toys to help with premature ejaculation – like penis rings and desensitizers. Almost one third of all men have experienced this problem and it’s easily fixable with the right tools.

It increases intimacy

Using sex toys isn’t just about improving your sex life – it can benefit your relationship over all. Studies show that partners who use sex toys together, are also experiencing more intimacy in other aspects of their love life. Going through a new experience together can be formative for any relationship, also getting to know and understand your partner in a way you didn’t before makes you stronger as a couple.

How to get started?

The hardest thing about introducing sex toys in your life is that it can make you a bit uncomfortable at first. Men are usually intimidated by the size of the toys and women don’t’ feel right with BDSM toys (at least at first.)

Before you start with your new toys – talk to each other honestly (and gently) about what would you like to try and why. Do your research beforehand – you can do it online or at the store. And finally do it gradually – start with the toys you most comfortable with and go to something more adventurous when you feel ready for it.

If you’re both mature enough to give it a shot, sex toys can benefit your relationship greatly, both in and outside the bedroom. You won’t regret trying them out with your partner.

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