How To Treat An Escort

How To Treat An Escort

Yes, you heard it correct. There is a thing called „escort etiquette“. If you are man who have never hired an escort before, and you are seriously considering making that first call – read these few words.

There is a right way and a wrong way to contact an escort. Never be rude, crude, ask personal questions, ask sexually explicit questions, ask questions about sex and money. All info you need – you had read on their website. Logical. A good place to start is to look at some London escorts agency or similiar services.


Some Escorts will only meet you in a public place the first time while others will come right to your room. Verification is the first “work”. Regardless of where in the UK you want to hire an escort, you cannot skip screening. All escorts need to have some personal information about you. They will use this information in order to know a bit about you. It’s okay to make sure you have the right girl, but keep your voice down and be a little more discreet. Also don’t introduce yourself as, “Hi, I’m John it’s so nice to meet you” for the same reasons as above.

When booking an incall to visit the escort it’s very normal for the escort or agency to give you the road name and postcode. When you arrive in the correct road and contact the escort or agency they will then give you the house or apartment number.

Girls just go where they were told to go by the phone girls and usually have no idea what request you gave to the agency, so don’t take it out on the escort. She is usually just as confused or upset as you are, as her time has been wasted too… just like yours has.

Nothing can be stressed more here than be clean and well groomed. Be freshly showered, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and YES, you should be dressed. After the small chit chat, the Companion may or may not excuse herself to the bathroom while telling you to “get comfortable”.


Don’t fall in love with an escort. Don’t treat the escort like a whore. Don’t call her names. Respect her person and her right to have secrets (almost all escorts use fake names etc). Don’t haggle – this is definity not the fruit market in middle of Mumbai. Don’t offer an escort money to cross boundaries she’s clearly provided.

While Agency Escorts usually work for tips, independent escorts usually have an “all inclusive service” meaning no tipping. However, something little is not rude. Do not ask for bareback full-service. Just don’t. It’s dangerous, it’s ignorant and she will say no. Once she’s said no, do not try to take the condom off half-way through, and do not try to slit the condom open.

Never, ever be dirty and smelly. Don’t keep it a secret if you’re taking Viagra or Cialis. Never stay if you meet the escort and she’s not what you saw or what you were promised. If you don’t like the girl don’t make a big scene about it downstairs. They will not mind you drinking, but don’t go overboard with it. She might likely reject your offer to drink because she doesn’t want to get drunk and lose control.

Once your appointment with your escort is over and you have enjoyed it, it is good for you to post about it on the forums. Give the escort a positive review and she will get more clients. You can check for more tips on

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