How to Choose the Right Flower For the Occasions?

How to Choose the Right Flower For the Occasions?

Flowers are part of all events flowers for weddings, anniversaries, funerals and all occasions in our lives. While we do not necessarily follow the connotations and the meanings that each flower represents nowadays, it will make your gift or the occasion more memorable when we choose the right flower. Here are some occasions and the flowers that you can choose for each of them.


Which Flower For What Occasion?

  • Anniversaries: Giving flowers to your spouse (especially to wives) on anniversary is a custom followed across the globe. You can always go with roses (red or pink) as they generally represent love, but if you want to make it more meaningful then you can choose one of the below for your landmark anniversaries. Daisy for 5th, Daffodil for 10th, Roses for 15th and Iris for 25th and so on.
  • Birthdays: Do you know that each month in our calendar is associated with a flower? Well, they are and you can now use them to wish your friend or that special someone with these flowers. Right from carnations for January, Violets for February, till Poinsettia for December, there is a flower for every month which you can look up and gift your loved ones. Of course you can go for any yellow flower (except carnations) if you are gifting your friend.
  • To that special someone: Is it your first date? Even if it is not, make it more special, by gifting your date with flowers. Dandelions, orchids and tulips are the best of the lot when you are gifting flowers to that special someone in your life.
  • Valentine’s Day special: Roses are the most considered and gifted among other flowers during the V day. However, did you know that you can choose the color depending on the stage of your relationship? Yes, you can give lavender roses representing enchantment if you have just started on the relationships. If you have been happily married for a few years and your wife doesn’t like roses, then tulips are a good choice to communicate your love.
  • Weddings: It is not considered appropriate to gift flowers in a wedding but flowers do form an integral part of the decoration. It should match with the bride’s dress, the theme and the overall ambience. There are multiple choices to choose from.
  • Funerals: A tribute to the deceased, funeral flowers show how much you cared for the one who passed away and your support to the family of the deceased. You can go for an arrangement of roses, lilies or chrysanthemums. Be sure not to choose red and orange colors as they represent vitality and life. Instead choose white, green or blue which represent peace and humility.
  • Express your gratitude: If you want to thank someone, then it would be better to choose a flower that will represent the person’s personality and preferences. If you are not sure about their choices, then you can play it safe with lilies, daisies or carnations with a simple note of thank you.

Choosing the right gift for an occasion could be daunting. But flowers can win them all. You just have to choose the right one and the right color.

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