How To Be Successful In Online Dating

How To Be Successful In Online Dating

Dating is a very romantic experience and most of us like experiencing its mushy romanticism. In fact it adds a certain flavour, a certain zing to our mundane lives. While during school and the subsequent years spent in the university, it is generally fellow students and neighbourhood friends who date, in offices it can be colleagues, clients etc. But other than these traditional ways and means of finding a date, there are other modern methods too which have become quite popular. Online-dating is one of the most popular methods of the same. But there are some does and don’ts that one needs to be aware of to become successful at this. They are:successfull dating

  • Choice of the site: The internet flooded with online-dating sites, each promising a life changing possibility with the perfect date. But not all sites deliver what they promise. Hence it is imperative that online dating sites be analysed and reviewed.
  • Creating an appropriate profile: Profile creation is the most basic yet the most important step of this. This is because it gives a quick snapshot of details like age, gender, education level, hobbies, interests etc. The success of a profile largely depends on the photograph uploaded in it. Hence care must be taken to upload a recent solo photograph.
  • Writing an interesting biography: Describe yourself in the best possible way without revealing too many details. Make it short and crispy, give out details yet maintain a level of mystery, inspire curiosity but do not seem too forthcoming.
  • First reply to a query: This is the crucial step in online-dating. The first response to any dating query which comes in should always show an interest but also be a bit wary. The reply should be positive but not show eagerness. Personalising the first reply a bit will add a feel good factor to it.
  • Meeting for the first time: This is that part which is easy but also has the potential of either making or breaking a budding relationship. Hence the dress and the makeup should be carefully and skilfully done. The ice-breaking conversation should be based on common interests that have been shared in the messages sent and received. Past relationships, if any, should not be brought into the conversation.

Online-dating is a very powerful resource since it arms people with a lot of personalised information even before they meet. This makes meeting for the first time seem like a natural progression and also has the potential to give rise to a successful relationship.

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