Monday 21 August 2017
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How Do a Loving Couple Use Sex Toys?

In any Accident and Emergency Department in a hospital somewhere in America, there will be a nurse or trauma doctor used to dealing with car crash victims, heart attack sufferers and those feeling suddenly unwell through accidents, assaults or mysterious health concerns. They have seen it all. But there is one thing some trauma nurses often get asked, when off-duty and perhaps at a dinner party with friends, about some of the odd goings-on at the Accident and Emergency Department.

Some decline to reveal, as they are expected to keep a patient and their health traumas private. However, many a trauma nurse has revealed secretly, “There was once this guy…”

Can the rabbit, a vibrator or even a mobile phone really get stuck up the anus? You might think this is some kind of bizarre old wives’ tale or an urban legend but we all have an anal passage which will accommodate small objects (and some bigger ones) and once they have protruded so far, the anal passage will “pull” that object into the bowel.

Sex Toys

Ask anyone that has had to take suppositories – push them in far enough and they will eventually head one way, inside you. The golden rule here is to make sure anything that is being inserted through any bodily orifice, is to be extra careful.

One of the traditional favourites in the sex toy catalogue is the whip – often called the Cat o’ nine-tails, after all, rabbits and vibrators do seem to belong in the Playboy era of the 1970s. The whip can mark skin and the pain can be one of a burning sensation coupled with one that stings. Although it can be highly pleasurable to the submissive half of a sexually adventurous couple, it has to be used with care and attention.

How Should You Use Your Sex Toy?

There are a number of ways whereby you can use a sex toy:

  • You can use the toy on yourselfwhile he or she watches you. They may want to hold you during the act.
  • On your partner
  • During intercourse, so that both of you can share and perhaps swap during the session
  • Under the sheets, or in the bath? If you need a toy that is waterproof (for application in the bath or shower) then it should be made of plastic or similar material.

Above all, have fun but always be safe when using your sex toy.

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