Monday 21 August 2017
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How dangerous is it to publish yourself on the Internet?


It’s become commonplace to post pictures and videos of ourselves online, to share excessive information through our social media platforms, and to invite total strangers into our lives to a certain extent on a daily basis. Most people don’t think twice about it, but it’s worth considering the risks before you open your life to the web, especially if you’re thinking about posting naughty pics or videos.

Everyone Shares on Social Media

Millions and millions of pictures, videos, and messages are posted to social media sites around the world every day. For the most part there’s very little risk in doing so. If you’re conscious of the basic stuff, like not accidentally sharing a picture with your home address or phone number of stupidly taking a shot of your license and putting it on your Facebook page you’ll almost certainly be fine.


It’s smartest not to share any personal information, because a determined criminal can use just a little nugget to dig into your life. If they make a few phone calls and pressure a timid customer service agent it’s easier than you might imagine to get sensitive information about you. The chance of this happening is exceptionally low, but you’re better off being safe.

Sharing Naughty Pics& Videos is Riskier

As smart phones have grown in popularity there’s been an explosion in amateur porn online. Twitter and Tumblr allow for easy posting of selfies sans clothing, adult-oriented tube sites let anyone upload a naughty video, and it’s never been easier to send nude wife contributions to a host of sites that have built dedicated communities that love to see and celebrate naked married women. It’s a great thrill for guys and girls to share their naughty bits with the world, but it does come with far greater risk than a simple selfie or a vacation pic posted to Facebook.


The least likely but riskiest outcome is that someone gets too attached and wants to make contact. What might begin as a gross message on a social network or email can get uncomfortable quickly if they decide to do some digging. That’s why you should always make sure your pictures aren’t geotagged and don’t offer any clue as to where you live. Don’t use your real email address to sign up for a social media account where you’re posting pics or videos. If you’re making contact with people, don’t give out any real personal information because you can’t know if they’re stable enough to establish any kind of relationship with. The only other significant worry is if you have a job or position in your community that would be in jeopardy if naked pictures of you were discovered online. A teacher is the easiest example, but most corporate jobs would be lost if your naked online life came to light.

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