How Can You Find out Whether a Guy is Gay or Not?

How Can You Find out Whether a Guy is Gay or Not?

Have you ever thought that your friend could be a gay? Most girls would answer it quite confidently with a no, but for some, the reply isn’t so quick. May be, you don’t feel right about something or you have started to notice his actions now. Where here are some sign to knowing if a man is gay or not:

  • He checks out other guys

Your friend or boyfriend could check out chicks when he is with you or not. It is quite a normal behavior which every guy does without even realizing. But, you say your guy isn’t interested in women, well then you should pay extra attention on him and see where his eyes are roaming. If he is not into women, then probably he is a gay!


  • He is flirty with males

Of course every guy has friends. But as well know how boys react with their buddies. They are tough, joke around and be friendly. But does your friend acts a little out place with his male friends? Does he try to be flirtatious with them? Well, it could be a sign that he holds feeling for same sex!

  • He grooms like girls

It is a known stereotype that gays are a little more conscious about how they look and always be perfect with their appearance. Does your friend acts a little too perfect? Does he always has his hair nicely done, is he always perfectly shaven? Does he love to don matching scarves, shoes and accessories? Does he spend more time in the washroom than the normal guys?

  • He loves and praises the top celebs

Gay men love celebs that have over the top lifestyles. They like it because they aren’t scared to be out there and hold the best things of life. If your guy or friend idols celebs with extravagant lifestyles, then he may be gay.

  • He defends gays

Often gay men go out of the way to prove that it is not wrong and that gays should be treated equally. While it is true, on the other side, other men do not make it a conversation topic. So, if your guy tries to bring such topics and defends gays, then it could that he is justifying his sexuality.

  • He hates gays

There could be also a chance that they despise the gay community and gay males’ altogether. It is a great way to hide their own sexuality and true feelings and seem like they are straight!! So, if your male friend treats the gay people very badly and discourages the gay community, then he is definitely trying to hide something.

  • He is not interested in sexual activities

Okay, just for a second, every straight guy on the earth has a mission to end up having sex with girls. They like it! But, if your friend isn’t interested in intercourse and doesn’t make any attempt at dates to kiss you or hug you, then either he is extremely shy or he is just not into girls.


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