High Class Russian Escorts In Delhi

High Class Russian Escorts In Delhi


Every time I go to Miami, I feel like I am again living in the colorful 80s. There were Russian escorts in Delhi even back then whom I used to hire after coming back home. In the 80s, the Afghanistan was having a war with Russia, it wasn’t called Russia back then, it used to be called Soviet Union, Russian girls who used to work as paid companions in New Delhi used to joke about how the petty Afghanistani armies think that they can take over the monster like USSR.

High Class Delhi Escorts were plenty even back then. I knew several Pakistani and Bangladeshi cricketers who used to hire these lovely ladies after a tiring match. I will not name them here.

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Let’s come back to discussing Miami, 80s was the era of Miami Vice. I remember walking the streets of India clothed in Pastel. They would all give me a third look when I walked past by them. I did it for the ladies, I was young and stupid. Nowadays, whatever I do, I do it for myself, I do nothing to impress the ladies, even though I used to hire escort girls, I still wasted lots of my time on chasing regular ladies.

I was a fool, I wasted so many years of mine chasing women, dating them and marrying two of them. Those Pakistani cricketers were smart and in the end, those fools also got married and today, they are some of the most depressed men on the subcontinent.

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