Monday 21 August 2017
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Healthy Relationships

Everybody desires for a happy and healthy relationship. Every couple wants to keep their relationships. Unfortunately, most couples do not know how to build healthy relationships. This is the main reason why more than fifty percent of marriages end up in divorce.

There is no magic recipe when it comes to healthy relationships. If you want to know how to build healthy relationships, always keep these important ingredients below:

  • Emotional Responsibility

It’s the most important ingredient to make healthy relationships. When people don’t take responsibility of their own emotions, they try making their partners responsible for their own emotional safety, self-worth, and happiness. As an adult, these come from how you treat yourself and others, instead of how others treat you. Thus, if you are abandoning yourself in comparison to valuing and loving yourself, you will feel emotionally unsafe and unhappy. Then, you start to blame your partner for your feelings and you might end up with an unhealthy relationship. But, by learning emotional responsibility is important to build healthy relationships.relationships

  • Fun, Laughter, Connection, Affection, and Warmth

When individuals take responsibility for making them happy, they want to share their happiness with their loved ones. Once you learn to stay connected with yourself, you might want to share your connection with love ones. Affection, fun, warmth, and connection flow easily when both partners learned how to take responsibility of their own happiness.

  • Empathy, Compassion, Acceptance, and Kindness

Relationships thrive when both partners are empathetic, compassionate, accepting, and kind. This happens naturally once you’ve learned to compassionate, accepting, and kind to yourself, yet it is really a huge challenge when you’re abandoning yourself.

  • Learning Through Conflict

Healthy relationships actually have a system for learning from conflicts and resolving their issues in ways that work for every partner. Healthy partners will listen attentively to each other’s perspective and never get stuck in having to win or to be right. Healthy relationships are an evolving relationship. Every partner is growing and learning through the relationship and frequently through the conflicts. Take note that the basis of healthy relationships is when every partner maintains open intent to learn more about loving themselves and one another, instead of being intent on controlling, avoiding, and protecting. It’s the intent to learn about love, which allows you to take responsibility of your own feelings.

  • Maintain the Spark in Relationshiprelationships

There’s a spark that exists in a healthy relationship, which isn’t simple to define, yet majority of people know it. Spark is when you enjoy with your partner doing different things. A spark isn’t a superficial thing and this isn’t based on status or looks. Instead, it is about the deeper living energy, which exists between two persons.

Through doing your own inner work to be an emotionally responsible, loving, and kind person with yourself and your partner, building healthy relationships is never impossible. Just make sure to keep those things mentioned above in mind for you to get the best results. Read more articles here

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