Great Utility of the Penis Ring Now

Great Utility of the Penis Ring Now

The erection ring allows extending the erection time even up to 20 minutes. To make the erection ring comfortable and safe, you have to choose the material you want it to be made from. Models are available with insets and vibrating, enhancing the sensations of both partners during zooming.

Choosing the Ring:

For men using the erection ring for the first time or at the beginning of experiments with this type of gadget the best choice will be a stretch ring. Stretchy erection rings are made of silicone as well as thermoplastic rubber, latex and thermoplastic elastomer. The best solution is silicone, because it is easiest to keep it clean – its structure is very smooth and non-porous, unlike other materials. For more advanced gadgets, rings made of hard materials are available, usually made of surgical steel. To use such an un-stretchable pierścień na penisa safely, you need to know your size. Stiff rings are more difficult to put on and take off than stretch rings.


To buy an erection ring made of stretchable material, you do not need to know your size, but it is worth noting that some are less and others more flexible. However, accurate measurements must be made before purchasing a steel ring. To find out which diameter is most appropriate, measure a member. You can do it with the help of a sewing tape, string, ribbons or thread. You have to wrap the measuring tape around the penis and testes so that it adheres well but does not blow too much. Obtain the obtained circuit by the number 3.14. To exclude a mistake and physiological differences, it is necessary to carry out several measurements at different times of the day. The largest of the obtained results will give the appropriate size of the erection ring.


Erection rings can be classic, round, but there are also models that have tabs and vibrating elements. The tab is used to additionally stimulate one of the partners during the close-up. He can caress scrotum or perineum, that is, the area immediately behind the testicles, or a female clitoris. Erection rings with vibration function work in the same way, enhancing the sensation during sex. Such models are powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries, some of which allow you to adjust the intensity of vibrations.

Process of Use:

The first use of the ring should not last longer than 10 minutes, and each subsequent use no longer than 20 minutes. The erection ring is assumed to be a member or member and nucleus. Stretch rings can be worn both before and during the erection, but non-stretchable models must be worn before erection. The hard ring is assumed differently than the stretchable or adjustable one. In the case of a metal erection ring, one nucleus is inserted first, then the other, and finally the member; remove in reverse order. Stretch rings can be worn immediately on the testicles and on the penis. Removing the ring will be easier when using a lubricant – only water-based moisturizers can be used for silicone rings. The comfort of use will increase significantly if the member and scrotum are depilated. Contraindications to the use of pierścieńnapenisaare: diabetes and heart disease. You cannot fall asleep with the ring set up, because it is dangerous for health. There should be at least an hour between successive uses of the erection ring.

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