Great Insights on How to Plan a Simple Wedding

Great Insights on How to Plan a Simple Wedding

A simple and basic wedding does not necessarily mean your big day will be boring. We have all seen extravagant and classic weddings that failed in many ways at the last minute. Many factors can lead to the couple deciding on keeping the wedding simple, according to an experienced wedding planner. She, however, cautions that your simple wedding must be in a position to meet all the guests’ expectations to a certain level. So, if you have decided to keep it simple, below are some tips to observe.

You Need to Delegate

Most simple weddings tend to rule out the use of a wedding planner. In this case, the willingness of your friends and family to help comes in handy. Couples who are afraid of delegating in a such a situation may get overwhelmed in this case and end up ina mess. For a simple wedding, everything is expected to work smoothly as planned. In the event that no one is willing to help, then going for a wedding planner is the next best option. A paid coordinator can assist at a cheaper price than wedding planners in some cases.

The Attire

A gown and the groom’s attire are something most couples spend a lot of money on. However, those who are willing to keep their budget simple can always go for cheaper alternatives. A simple survey over the internet or consulting with friends will lead to great options. For the sake of keeping it simple, the groom can wear a simple suit and avoid tails or expensive designer and imported shoes.  The vest can also be avoided in this case.

The DIY Options Can Save the Day

Well, even though the couple may not have time, your college friend or coworker can take up the décor and use some tutorials to do the setup. Buying fresh flowers from the market by yourself will save on costs and avoid a lot of waste. Only technical things like catering should be given to professionals. Friends and relatives can take up what can be done with ease and success.

The Rings

Over 90 percent of weddings value the wedding rings as a symbol ofsealed love. However, most rings will not shout to the world that they are worth thousands of dollars. For a simple wedding, the couple can opt for simple and low-cost precious metals without too many additions. Plain gold and silver rings are cheaper than those with adornments and engraved designs or the addition of expensive stones.

The Venue

Venues range from simple public locations to expensive private gardens, islands and resort hotels. However, the best options for a simple wedding are a less expensive venue or a public place or beach. In many states, a small fee is issued to the local authorities, and the venue is provided, subject to availability. Therefore, there is a great need to book early to avoid last minute disappointment.


Making your wedding a simple one is easy. However, making sure that nothing fails will make the wedding a great memory not only for you but also for all theguests.

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