Getting Out Of The “Friend Zone.”

Getting Out Of The “Friend Zone.”

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In a relationship, the “friend zone” is where one party is in love with the other party but the other party only acts as a very close friend.

This is not a fun party to be a part of and it is a myth that the “friend zone” is lifelong lasting. There are things that can be done to get out of this relationship purgatory.

  1. Admit You Are Stuck In The “Friend Zone.”

The first step is to admit that this problem exists in your relationship. Try taking a different approach by taking everything you think you know and get rid of it. Start out with a completely blank slate.

Burying your head in the sand and pretending that your situation is somehow different will only make your problem worse. Your biggest first step in solving the problem is admitting that the problem exists and is real.


  1. How Does Your Friend See You?

When your friend looks at you they may not see you as a boyfriend/girlfriend. It is critical that you identify honestly how your friend sees you and after you identify that you can take steps to change that dynamic because when this dynamic changes, what ever it is that may be keeping you in that “friend zone” will change.

Before you do all of this one critical thing you need to take into consideration is if it will be worth the risk. After you have done that try to see yourself from your friend’s perspective and figure out the role you are playing in their life. Sometimes a couple may be stuck in the friend zone because they may be playing the role of a parent or therapist for their friend. Start making changes to the role you are playing in your friends life and you might just start to climb out of that friend zone faster than you ever thought possible.

  1. Share Your Feelings

Tell your friend exactly how you feel about them to get a response on how your friend feels about you. This is a major step in getting out of the friend zone and there are good ways and bad ways to go about this. This should be done in a situation where it is the two of you in a quiet, private place in a clear and sober state of mind.

  1. Some Time Away

 A temporary separation from your friend is never an easy thing but sometimes it is the right thing. During this brief separation your friend more than likely will come to understand what life would be without you and not take you for granted anymore. This temporary separation is the most important stage of getting out of the friend zone.

  1. Getting A Life

Getting a life is important in getting your “friend zone” friend to see you as someone with other things happening in your life other than always being with them.

Get busy and become less available, or go out and start dating someone who doesn’t just want to be in the friend zone, by finding the best dating sites, and finding love that way.

  1. Change Your Look A Little bit

Changing your look a little bit will make you appear different and more mysterious with surprising talents your friend never knew about before. New things and surprises are exciting and always good.

  1. Change In Attitude

If you have an unhappy attitude it will be impossible for you to make others around you happy. Sometimes just a small attitude adjustment will completely change your friends perspective of you. That is what you are wanting to do after all.

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