First date – How not to fail

First date – How not to fail

We have all been there. The thrill, excitement, joy and suddenly, panic and disorder. These feelings are then put into blender, mixed together with several jokes, and there you have it, first date! On the matter of how to impress on a first date, numerous articles have been written. This one will put you, an ordinary guy to the spotlight. Let us see what it can be done.


Depending on a girl (or a guy) you are dating, choosing adequate time is quite important. In general, going out too late is pretty inconvenient and thus should be avoided. Instead, see if you can set a date somewhere between 6 and 8PM. That way you will have plenty of daylight for a nice walk, and manage to catch some pleasant dark for a whim of a romantic evening. Regardless at what time it is, always be there at least ten minutes earlier. Yes, your date might be a bit late, but you must not allow that to yourself.

 First date


In general, for a place of a first date, I recommend a public one. People feel more comfortable if there are others around, and it also eliminates sometimes uncomfortable face-to-face conversation and unpleasant silence which might occur. A short walk to a pub or restaurant you have chosen will give you the opportunity to ease up into the conversation.


That first greeting is important, do not try to impress anyone. It is simple as that, “Hi!”, handshake, and a broad smile. Many people tend to overthink, and to mess it up. Surely, your head might be up in the clouds, but you are not meeting with a girl which you are guaranteed to wake up with tomorrow, but simply to meet and get to know. Always bear that in mind. Imagine that you are making just another friendship. It will make it much easier for you.


Without any true wisdom hidden here, all that you need to do is to stay relaxed and positive. The matter of subject is completely up to you, so who knows where conversation will go. Several matters are labeled as “not wanted”, such as ex relationships, too much talking about work, problems and generally, those which are mood-killer. Try to be funny, but nut in a tiresome way, just a few nice and polite jokes (on neutral matter) in order to break the ice.

First date


Some people cannot start conversation naturally. A friend of mine had a real problem when he started dating. He is nice and polite guy, but when it is needed for him to talk with beautiful woman, the kitty would get his tongue. So, he started travelling, and in each city, he would hire a business escort. Red Door Agencywas especially helpful, for girls were really nice and understanding. In time, he overcame it, so he shared a wisdom. “The better the looks, more lonely it gets.” Bear that in mind. Do not approach your date just like an object, but think of it as a person.


Do not think that you will follow your date to her door, give her mind-blowing kiss, and live happily ever after. Stay relaxed, and whatever happens, accept that. It is better to wait, and enjoy later, than to force something you might regret.

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