Monday 21 August 2017
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Finding a Date on the Internet

Finding true love can be an issue for a male in today’s era and finding a woman to truly compliment your characteristics can be a challenge.

The increase of Internet dating has opened the bridges and allowed Men to meet Women very easily. Over 25% of couples are now made through the internet, which is a very interesting statistic as just over a few years ago, the stat was almost halved!

The internet also allows people to find others with similar interests much easier, as the pool is much bigger. With the Internet you can sort through 1000s of people from the opposite sex compared to the more common dating where the pool you are searching in is not so large.

Here is some tips for dates that you could find through the internet:

Be confident – Make sure you are confident and talkative, make sure you stick by your opinions and show that you already have a very grounded life.

Be talkative – Talk to the other person find out about them, look for insights into their life, and how they function, it is very important to gauge there personality early on so you won’t have to deal with their issues at a later date.

Pay for the date – Whether you are male or female always offer to pay for the date, this shows your caring side, and that you like to take responsibility into your own hands which can be very attractive.

Make sure you dress well and smell nice. Hygiene is very important, nothing is worse than a smelly partner! Make sure you take a shower and have a shave(if your male) to scrub up. You want to be presentable but don’t want to look like you are trying to hard, so try to be casual yet looking decent. I find a casual shirt and some nice jeans are great for a first date, and is a perfect balance of casual and smart.

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