Find who you’re looking for – SceneNavi

Find who you’re looking for – SceneNavi


It’s summer and no one wants to stay at home all day, but no one wants to go for a walk, swim or a drink alone, either. For all those who don’t know where to go or who to go with, Scenester, Inc. has created an awesome solution – SceneNavi, a useful app that will help you find where to have good time and who to have it with.

SceneNavi is a new social app that you can use to do exactly what the title says – navigate the scene. It’s an amazingly developed social platform where users can explore their surroundings and see what places they like and could go to. And places could be anything – parks, restaurants, bars, clubs, and anything else that promises good time.

Give it a try and you’ll see. When you select a place, you will be able to see information about it, some live videos to give you a feel of the atmosphere, and you’ll read what people who’ve been there think about the place. You don’t really want to go round places no one in their right mind would recommend.


The true social side of SceneNavi is a feature that allows users to connect through the app, and then directly, with other users. Imagine a problem: it’s scorching hot outside and you desperately want to go to a nearby bar and have a cold drink, but there is no one you could go with. Use SceneNavi to find those who are also looking for someone to keep them company over a drink, connect with them and meet them. If you’re not sure whether you want to meet a complete stranger just like that, don’t worry, SceneNavi has thought of that. People, just like places, have their profiles on SceneNavi where others who have been with them before can rate them and write a review about their time together. In other words, if you see a person with a bunch of great reviews and comments about how fun they are, you are bound to have a blast with them, so hit them up.

You don’t really have to be hungry or thirsty to meet new people. If you’re bored or feeling a bit lonely, use the app to find people who you might have something in common with, whether it be business, taste in music or movies, or just that you have the same favorite place to go to. People who use Scenenavi come in all shapes and sizes, and this app will help you connect with like-minded individuals and have some good time with them. You can meet people to hang out with once, you can make new friends and have new and fun experiences, and who knows, you could even find someone special, even for a shot while. And someone special could very well be your soulmate.

These are the opportunities you just cannot miss. Use the chance to connect with others, make friends, even fall in love with SceneNavi app!


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