Few Advices for Shy Dating Guys

Few Advices for Shy Dating Guys

We know that being is a fear-related aspect of someone´s personality that stops them for talking to other people. Being shy is not talking in class because you fear people might mock you; it is thinking that you don´t have anything that is worth saying, and the most important one: being shy is not talking to women because you are afraid of rejection. Nonetheless, you don´t have to feel like your dating life will be over just because you´re shy, just sit back and read.

Being Afraid Is Something Normal

Many people will come up with the whole “be cool and smooth” argument, saying that you need to stop feeling afraid of talking with women. That is a straight-to-your-face lie. Fear is not only normal in human beings, but also in other animals as a survival instinct, and shyness comes from a social fear of rejection. However, you can decide to talk to that woman instead of letting fear get the best of you. The best part of flirting and talking to a woman is actually doing it; have you heard those cheesy sitcom lines? Well, they can actually work, even with fear. But never let fear stop you from doing what you want to do. It is better to roll the dices and talk to a woman feeling afraid than not doing anything.

In addition, it may help to say that you´re a little afraid. Maybe you can try saying “nervous” instead of afraid; expressing how you feel might calm you down. Remember that other movie line that is very corny that says “be yourself”? Well, that can work even if you tend to be that way. Moreover, women might find that cute.


There´s many man that talk about being with a lot of women but all they do is hanging out with their mates, do not listen to their advices. They think that dating is something like a competition, and it isn’t. Dating is about trying to feel good with another person, that´s it. However, the only thing you should practice is talking to women (…or meeting nightwalkers). It doesn’t matter if you want to date them or not, just talking to them might help you feeling a little less afraid. Try to understand them as much as you would like to be.

. understood and you´ll do great, and that is a cold fact.

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