Monday 21 August 2017
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Dating Advice and Tips for People Living With HIV

It’s the most common concern, that the first time for dating with HIV can be a very traumatic, terrifying encounter. There are some easy tips and advice that can lessen your concern and give you a sigh of relief.

All too often, connections between individuals of different HIV position are believed of only in regards to sex and the possibility of HIV transmitting.


Yes, sex is essential to many relationships – but few effective connections are simply centred upon sex, and the sex-related part of connections usually changes considerably eventually.

Like in any relationship, trust and confidence goes further than any sum of cash or negative HIV position. If you think your position as a black key that you are asking your date to ignore because everything else is excellent, he will react accordingly. But if you reveal as soon as you meet your date it gives an impression of your honesty and a thing that you need to clear it up for mutual benefit. This act of yours will be appreciated.

  1. If you make HIV an issue, so will your date be.

If you are comfortable with your HIV status so will be your date. If you know what is HIV and what it means to be safe, there are high chances that your date will be more relaxed. Don’t always think you need to have a face-to-face conversation or ask your date to date you despite your position. Don’t make it an issue, and don’t say sorry as if you had done something incorrect. A warm and well explained text will work.

  1. Be Sincere About Your Feelings

If you are dating someone, interaction between the two of you has to be strong. This signifies that you have to take into consideration their emotions as well as yours. Be dedicated towards the link and honest about your emotions when you are dating an HIV positive. Just make them feel comfortable and as a normal person and you are not going to give HIV by dating them, and all done you will have a wonderful relationship.

Some people at first finds it simpler to only date others who are living with HIV. If you choose to start relationship only with people with HIV, there are HIV-positive dating sites on the Internet. Also consider taking personal ads on the internet relevant to HIV-positive.

Should you or your partner fear possibly HIV transmitting after having unsecured sex? A course of HIV drugs may be able to stop your partner from acquiring the virus.

This is known as post-exposure prophylaxis, or PEP/PrEP for brief. It needs to be begun no later than 72 hrs – and ideally as soon as possible – after possible exposure to HIV has taken position, and needs to be taken for 4 weeks. It can be impressive if began soon enough, but it’s not 100% safe and can cause side-effects, consult your physician for the use of PEP/PrEp.

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